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    "...of Dark Matter and the Perpetual Motion Machine" by Joe Bleak. Written and Drawn in a Nanographicmo Challenge. Completed in a little over 34 days.


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    Hello everyone! Please come check out my comic, Slither and Friends.

    Here are two strips from the most recent storyline. Enjoy!

    Slither the farmer

    Support your local market
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    I always find so many decent new comics through these threads ... some great stuff.

    I used to do Hell's Corners but now I'm doing Next Town Over, a weekly cattle punk western which looks a little something like this:

    NTO: Lookback pg 1

    NTO: Lookback pg 5
    • CommentTimeJan 7th 2011

    I've just re-started my comic, Badger after a little hiatus (there's two books out already from a while back), but you can see him wandering around South London over here:


    Also, I'm putting up a comic from My Tweaker Mum every Monday this year, so there's only the one so far, but there's many, many more to follow:

    My Tweaker Mum

    Finally, because good things come in threes, my main project, The Lengths, is going up here:

    It's just managed to land a distribution deal with Diamond UK so will be in shops every two months from April, which is pretty fucking sweet, eh? It's about a dog headed male escort trying to get his head around holding down a relationship when he does that for a living.

    The Lengths
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    Bear Beater Bunyan on iTunes

    Used to be Yon Kuma, we changed the title to be less Toriyama and more Stan Lee. It remains a junky punky comic about a young boy wrestling the living shit out of bears. Art by Jorge F. Muñoz. 4 issues, first one's free, rest are .99, 88 pages and extras all told.

    Okita and the Cat on iTunes

    Quiet little character piece about Souji Okita, Actual Historical Figure. He was the captain of the First Squad of the Shinsengumi, a kind of samurai anti-terrorist squad in Kyoto right around the tail end of the Tokugawa Shogunate. This is the anecdotal story of how possibly the best swordsman of his generation spent his last days, while his comrades were off being thrown under the bus of history. 48 pages, $1.99.

    The Grave Doug Freshley on

    A supernatural Western buddy-comedy/revenge yarn from Archaia. Undead farmhand Doug Freshley (think a Terry Pratchett zombie, as opposed to the brain eating kind) and young charge Bat McNally track down the cattle rustlers who killed McNally's family and, well, Doug. Meanwhile, Doug himself is being tracked by a Lee Van Cleef-ish Grim Reaper, who's not at all pleased at having been cheated out of Doug's mortal coil. Art by mpMann (and amazing cover/interior design work by Scott Newman). 5 issues, first one's free, rest are $1.99 a pop, 150 pages all together.

    Fun fact: this actually came together on The Engine, and through various tribulations is only seeing publication now. It was also the first OGN I ever wrote, at 19, and it's an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink romp because of it.

    EDIT: FYI, when I say "pages", I mean full sized comic pages that've been sliced up into however many screens. I'm not charging two bucks for, say, 48 flicks of your finger, that's inhuman.
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    Hello again, y'all! Time to join in on the shameless shilling.

    I illustrate an once-weekly (updating Mondays) comic called Villainy with my good friend Lex penning it. Definitely needs more love.

    We debuted last November, so no worries about losing hours of your life to archive binging. Unless, of course, you like that sort of thing.

    Villainy is about an ironic sophisticate, a spacey party girl, and a kid genius... who, by the way, are the bad guys. They battle superheroes, live the high life, and try to balance it all without disappointing their superiors.

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    HEY GANG! Geoffrey D. Wessel here ONCE AGAIN.

    To be honest, can't remember what I posted links to last time but we're here to do all new, all fresh right?

    My main focus these days is a new sports-crime serial called KEEPER, drawn by Jeff Simpson, lettered by veteran pro Jim Campbell. We have the full 8-age Issue #0 up on the interwebs for you, yes, YOU. And the story will get into FULL swing in the very near future, so keep your eyes peeled!

    KEEPER preview cover

    I am also a contributing writer and editor to sci-fi anthology webcomic Hadron Colliderscope, providing weekly thrills chills and spills for you lucky people. (And incidentally, we ARE always looking for writing and drawing talents!) Check the archive and blog for past strips and bonuses, but here's a quickie from me. So to speak.:

    Also, there's my "Morrissey the Barbarian" comic There Is A Light, drawn by John Keogh of >Lucid TV infamy.

    Finally, you can also check my own site,, for other odds and sods, including my/Keogh's contribution to Phonogram vs The Fans from 2 San Diego's ago.

    (And just for laughs, I'm also the curator for the recent Moment of Morrison tumblr page.)


    --- Geoffrey D. Wessel
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    I write and draw a three-times-a-week webcomic called PITCH BLACK. Today I reached a hundred and fifty strips, which called for an oversized special edition.

    Normally every PITCH BLACK strips is one to ten panels long. But for the special, I took "oversized" a bit too seriously and it ended up having a hundred and ten panels.

    One of which is:

    If it's too long a read for you right now, there's a hundred and forty seven much shorter strips for you to explore, such as this one:

    -- and two not-as-long (but still long) specials here and here.

    I hope you enjoy.

    As always, thanks a lot for this thread, Warren.
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    HEAT: The Space Age of Pro Wrestling chronicles of the journey of rookie wrestler and recent convict Dick the Bastard as he battles his way through the ranks of Prison Pro Wrestling under the tutelage of former Galactic Champion Mad Doc Crockett.

    The comic just entered its second year, the primary focus of which will be the Super Max Challenge Cup tournament.

    HEAT #54
    HEAT #54, Los Gordinflones Negros vs. Dick the Bastard & Ron

    HEAT: Classic Wrestling Moments #8
    HEAT Classic Wrestling Moments #8
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    I'm the writer and creator of Red Plains, an authentic western with various artists. We deal with the West as it really was, violent and unpredictable, and don't fall back on any tired Hollywood tropes.

    The series has a diverse cast of characters - the main characters include the wealthy Latino family the Escovidos; rancher Doug Stevens and his spoiled son, Jackson; struggling father/daughter farmers Isaac and Rose Templeton; and the local politicians, prostitutes, cowboys, and Sheriff Doles and his deputies, who are trying to keep a lid on things.

    We have loads of content available for free on Top Shelf 2.0. We've also begun releasing the series for sale digitally via and and those copies have great extras attached, including audio commentary, concept art, and script excerpts.


    Red Plains: Nice Place to Raise Your Kids Up (art by Larry Watts)

    Red Plains: Accidents Will Happen (art by Butch Mapa)
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    Hi all/
    I do enjoy looking at what's new on this thread.

    I'm Simon Fraser, I write and draw stories about Lilly Mackenzie and her best friend Cosmo on I also draw Nikolai Dante & Judge Dredd for 2000AD, so I make a living at this.

    The first Lilly story
    Lilly Mackenzie and the Mines of Charybdis
    was recently printed in the Judge Dredd Megazine. The whole 94pp story is now back on
    Lilly Mackenzie & the Mines of Charybdis

    I've recently started a new Lilly story
    Lilly Mackenzie & the Treasure of Paros
    Which picks up the story several years later...and several years's complicated
    Lilly Mackenzie & The Treasure of Paros

    Enjoy and thanks for the platform Warren.
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    Hi, I'm Luke, a cartoonist from Oxford. My comic never really got a proper name, but I post things up three times a week at

    Mostly silly things with no continuity or characters. Lots of stuff like the below:
    So 14 billion years of the universe have conspired for you to read this alt-text? Bit of a let down. There isn’t even a joke.

    It's occasionally roughly 50% autobiographical. For example, with this I didn't get dumped, but I did become a traveller in time and space

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    Hello, I'm Rick Griffin, maker of a little gag-a-day comic about animals who do things animals usually don't do like talking, using complex tools and behaving like teens.

    If you found this funny and want to check out the rest, you can find it at the Housepets! site.

    Thanks, Mr. Ellis!