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    Several of us were following witch house in 2010. It's just starting to spread to mainstream attention. Which is also usually the point where a subgenre starts fragmenting and mutating.

    I'd like a thread where people post interesting stuff from the general witch house zone, and point up the websites and pages where things are happening.

    (like, say, Cosmotropia de Xam's Facebook page.)

    Anyone got anything they want to share?
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    Are you talking about stuff like oOoOO, Modern Witch, Mater Suspiria Vision etc? I knew of all those guys separately, and I know that some people have been mentioning them as part of the same so called genre, but they sound nothing like each other...Fucking journalists...Anyway, (OTHER PEOPLE) might find the following useful.

    The DISARO myspace page.

    The 8tracks mixtape I made recently contains quite a few tracks.

    Relevant thread at Drowned in Sound.

    oOoOO - Seaww by Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never)

    • CommentAuthorTim
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    Probably doesn't count being from 1996. But if you like Salem and White Ring and oOoOO and such you may well like this as well. One of my favourite records ever.
    Bowery Electric,"Without Stopping", from "Beat".

    Also, Warren, before you let your emusic sub lapse, you may want to pick up this.
    Tearist are probably my favourite of the "Witch House" bands. As noted above they sound nothing like the others, but I can sort of understand why journos have lumped them together. The EP is basically the same tracks as the low quality demos that have been on the internet for a bit but tightened and not recorded in a bucket. emusic seem to have got the EP a couple of weeks before the official release so I can't preview the tracks anywhere else, sorry.

    And This guy seems to be regularly putting up mixtapes, which often feature these bands, I'm hearing a lot of new stuff I like here.
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    FYI, Disaro now has its own website with an online shoppe
    Edited to add: And it seems the shop doesn't work.
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    As well as the Disaro website, the main portal i use for all things Drag, witch house, horror synths, and all other sorts of Lo-Fi stuff is All, Everyone, United.
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    A good friend of mine makes music under several names.
    The one that fits into this category the best he calls PROJECTOR†.

    I turned him on to a bunch of links I found here (you know, WhiteChapel) and he kinda just ran with it.
    He really likes SALEM but his muse is more salvia than cough syrup.

    Give 'em a listen.
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    All, Everyone, United has been my go-to for Bandcamp curation during 2010. They do a good job.
    • CommentAuthorjonah
    • CommentTimeJan 2nd 2011
    @Tim V/vm with his pop remixes is my favorite pre witch house, witch house artist. I'll have to dig out my cd to see if songs like Rock Me Hamadeus and All Night Long (Butcher All Night) are as good as I remember. Brainwashed took down all their MP3s.

    What witch house actually sounds like is pretty nebulous to me. It's easier for me to tell by it's strong aesthetic presence and branding. Which I think means it has better than average odds of sticking around.

    All the sub-genres that are popping up ever more rapidly seem more like a fun game for writers or a commercial ploy.The various names are highly creative and entertaining and It is way better than the likes of electronica, left-field and down tempo though, so I dunno.

    Is anyone else concerned that the net hype machine spreads music around too soon preventing it from growing into something more?

    d'Eon "Kill a Man With a Joystick In Your Hand" This is way too catchy. The label is probably closer to the 70's new age revival that's been going on. What do you call that? I've head neu-age and uhhhg.

    Raw Moans reminds me a bit of my favorite song by OMD - I Betray My Friends. Actually, I'm listening to OMD - A Sacred Annex now and with some heavy effects on the vocals it would fit right in with other witch house tracks. Their rw rmx album has more, uh , sign posts of the witch house sound, I guess. Aqua Net is a funny video. Yeah, like a lot of witch house I'm not sure if this is a parody, but I still enjoy it. Free download.

    It's not strictly genre centric, but I found them working backwards on this site: Some good stuff there. The Soars -Throw Yourself Apart track near the top is nice.

    If you haven't seen the videos on Moduli TV it's worth clicking around. The magical glitter snake in the first video makes me laugh really hard. I'd like know what movie that is and I'd especially like to hear more by them. This genre I would call ghost trance. Man Made Hill - Tape Vacation is much more beat heavy, goofy zombie shopping music. Motion Sickness of Time Travel - Everything Must Die is spacey ambient arpeggios with blurry female vocals.

    I've found I just have to budget time to go on random blogspot/vimeo(youtube has leprosy?) adventures. Google band name, peruse random blogspot that comes up, google music I like there, click on blogspots that come up for that artist, repeat. With Vimeo it's just a matter of checking out what the channel owner likes.

    I hope Björk's next album is in the theme of witch house. :)
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    Just noticed Fokkawolfe is blogging witch house/darkwave/etc on Mishka NYC.
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    In addition to Laurance Fokkawolfe, Nattymari blogs for us as well. Nattymari mostly focuses on Witch House usually speaking with each artist directly for his posts. He has a new article that will be up later today on Vagina Vangi. He has a few series that he's started up like "Heretic Hymns" where he has been getting artists to do remix/covers of songs

    And of course there's the Guide to Grave Wave.
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    Blame it on my Detroit roots but I'm really into

    Creep Lauren Flax (1/2 of creep) is an O.G. Detroit Drum and Bass DJ and the creep stuff has that essential drag your ass though a graveyard pull I need.
    Creep - Days

    Marc Houle Lurch that up zombro.
    Marc Houle - drift

    I would also toss in this year years
    Matthew Dear
    output as well.

    But I like more of an EBM, Minimal Techno, thump thump swaggar in my warlock/witch hause.
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    †‡† (or rrritualzzz) have left MySpace and have moved over to Soundcloud. they're still making some good stuff.

    also the current single from HOLY OTHER is pretty Good. More stuff over at their Soundcloud

    • CommentAuthorNezzit
    • CommentTimeJan 4th 2011
    I love †De?d Virgin† : †De?d Virgin†
    Bandcamp and Lastfm are great ways to find witch-house artists, since you can't google them :)
    • CommentTimeJan 17th 2011
    Re - Nigredo's first post there

    That video - That's damn awesome - thank you for that - I am expanded.