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    I totally butchered (I blame my nerves) the song but here it is. Oh, and I can't figure out how to embed it. Sorry :(

    Ustream Video
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    @SteadyUp/OddBill Agreed on the whole WNY thing. People generally know kind of where I mean when I say I'm from Rochester ("That's near Buffalo, right?") but trying to tell them I was born in Olean gets me nothing but blank stares.
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2011
    @chainsaw.serenade Olean is where Ka-Bar knives are from.

    @oddbill We used to have 42 independent bookstores on the west side. I'd be happier wrong. Greed got the B&N in Encino. I suspect Borders in Sherman Oaks is doomed.
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    ... I thought "Olean" was that ingredient they put in low fat chips that caused "anal leakage", no?
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    I'm also from Rochester, and I've been asked a few times if I went into "the city" much.... "It's four hundred miles away, so no, not that often."

    @chainsaw.serenade I'd sometimes say "most of the way to Buffalo" if I needed to explain where Rochester is, but more often "about halfway down Lake Ontario". Even being from the area I couldn't generalize Olean to more than "somewhere in the Southern Tier" without looking it up. But I haven't lived in the area for twenty years.
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    @Trini - AWESOME! You did a great job of it! And I love your voice!

    Expect a Ukulele performance by me soon.

    Pondering. Ever pondering.
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    All I know is Buffalo is pronounced BOOFALOO and also that I want more ukulele tunes. (Thanks, trini!)
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    :D Thanks taphead. I actually have a list of songs I want to learn and tabs don't exist for some of them. At least with Ukes I can use guitar tabs so most of the songs are easy enough to find.
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    That white loop on the right side, that's where I've had a slightly painful bony protrusion thing for years. Fingers crossed someone finally does something about it (I saw 2 doctors for it when I first noticed it; I basically got "I don't know, but don't worry about it" from both).
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    okay my video... this is a video of a scrambled together version of anarchy in the uk that some friends and i did for our old punk friends 40th birthday... we did a bunch of songs and closed with this... at the last moment Chuck (our singer) got sid on stage.... anyhoo we were all very drunk but i think it works.

    i'm on the right... with the bass... and the stab stab stab