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    I would like to say that I have noticed a considerable change in the art of FreakAngels webcomic since the beginning. Now, of course, I am not complaining, and I highly commend the hours and hours of hard work Paul Duffield puts into the beautiful art of FreakAngels.
    All I want to bring up is that I have noticed a change in the style of drawing, this change being most pronounced in the faces of our main characters. This change is probably hard to notice because it is very gradual, and can only be seen by looking back at the very earliest episodes and comparing them with current ones.

    Luke - Episode 0004 compared with Episode 0116

    Kirk - Episode 0007 compared with Episode 0116

    Karl - Episode 0003 compared with Episode 0106

    Connor - Episode 0002 compared with Episodes 0117 & 0118

    Jack - Episode 0015 compared with Episode 0107

    KK - Episodes 0001 & 0002 compared with Episode 0119 & Episode 0105, page 2.

    Sirkka - Episode 0015 compared with Episode 0096

    Kaitlyn - Episode 0032 compared with Episodes 0113 & 0118

    Arkady - Episodes 0008 & 0011 compared with Episodes 0106 & 0107

    Caz - Episode 0013 compared with Episodes 0106 & 0116

    Miki - Episode 0028 compared with Episode 0116

    Alice - Episode 0005 compared with Episode 0112

    I love your art, Paul; it is a very large factor in what makes this comic unique; I love to spend time just looking over each episode's illustrations. Thanks again to Warren and Paul for making this webcomic so delvable.

    These are merely some of my observations; does anyone else have any comments?

    Cheers (& Happy 2011!)