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      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2011
    Awesome. I do remember you. You were the kid in the audience in Plainwell who kept shouting "Bald Man has no talent!" and then flung Starbursts at me. Or maybe it was someone else... : )
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2011 edited

    Your loosey-goosey drawings inspired me to give you a simular treatment, good sir. 20 mins.
    • CommentAuthorWombatNeil
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2011
    @PaulSizer "What? I thought I was the only artist in Kalamazoo!" - Gee, Thanks.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2011 edited
    Aw toughen up, Neil. There's no crying at Whitechapel. And I meant "artist" in the hipster/ironic way, OK? : ) And I love you.
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2011
    @diello Love it! Thank you!
    @Anthonyofkazoo HA! That's wonderful! Thank you!
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    Philosophical in a bar... er, pub? Eh, eh?

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    @anthonyofkazoo…welcome and nice one!
    @fredg….sweet poster design.
    @paul…sweet, thanks!! Psycho eyes and I look kinda like bizarre..Me not like!! lol
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    Oldhat -Same image, but colored. I think it really helps accentuate the blood!

    @Paul Sizer: I'd never throw a Starburst in anger good sir, now a Jolly Rancher, well...
    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2011
    My new-ish profile pic just makes gives me the giggles:

    (Was taken for the 'scrunch' SPIT theme of yonks ago.)
    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2011
    Anthonyofkazoo AWESOME!!!! Hahahaha that's great work, man! Thanks!!!
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    Always nice to have another picture of me with a sword.
    • CommentTimeJun 24th 2011

    Holy crap, cool!!!!! Thank you guys!!!
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    I was a guest at this con this was after an hour and half long panel, I swear every event I am at there is a photo like this of me.

    Friday night panel
    • CommentTimeJun 25th 2011
    And Geoffrey looks SO disappointed that he missed out on the giant invisible sandwiches...
    • CommentAuthorValente
    • CommentTimeJun 26th 2011
    @mojokingbee... I started this sketch a while ago and finally got around to inking it today (inspired by Mojokingbee's hooded Robin sketch and Paul Sizer's illustration of Mojo).

    A portrait of the artist, Mojokingbee as Damian Wayne:

    Holy Reboot, Batman
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    @WombatNeil: Thanks for introducing me to this site, also, here's a pic of you with the devil.
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    reflection self portrait
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    Some one said it was more like invisible vampire?

    I hate just sitting there for photos so I tend to do silly things and that is the result
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    thought I'd share: stuck with a cane for a while (may be a bit till i find out its permanence....yeah! *sarcasm) similarity to our favorite not-Jesus-Internet-bastard not withstanding ;-)
    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2011

    See where my front top and bottom teeth don't touch?

    Yeah. They can't. I think my wisdom teeth finished growing in a bit and grew in too high and now I can't actually bite down fully.

    Started using yer fodder, folks. Contributing posts on their way.