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    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2011
    Aaaaahahahahahahahahaha Eightser. Not only is that awesome, but it is hilarious. I do love terrible puns.

    But seriously. WOWZER. Thanks so much!!!!!
    • CommentAuthorOda
    • CommentTimeOct 2nd 2011
    Muffin ain't bluffin <3

    Here's some more ridiculous face fodder, feel free to replace the setlist with something else. XD

    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeOct 3rd 2011 edited
    Um, so I rarely, rarely, dress up all girly-like. Yesterday I did, so if anyone would care to draw me in such a fashion, that'd be nice.

    With and without the tiramisu I made:

    • CommentAuthorScrymgeour
    • CommentTimeOct 4th 2011 edited


    i realise there is some danger to posting that second image.... do what thou will
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    @Argos <3 you in the green polka dot apron!!
    @ Scrymgeour i want to steal your hat
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2011
    @ Odaelisabeth & Argos Thanks for the fodder. The tiramisu look deeelicious & what the hell is that crazy spanish talk say Odae?
    Odaelisabeth &amp; Argos
    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2011 edited
    I've always loved this thread and so here is some artist fodder from me
    last years birthdat bbq
    sometime last year, when the sun shone.
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2011
    @viol8tor - the skull on the platter is super cute ^_^ The tiramisu really was delicious, I need to make it again.
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    Hopefully this is interesting enough:
    look to the left
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    Pirate Bunny Yar!!!
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    While there is no way I could compete with Comicbookbunny's outfit, I do have my dear Watson in this photo.
    Watson and I
    • CommentTimeOct 17th 2011
    Here's a twofer.

    • CommentTimeOct 18th 2011
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    @Yskaya: Wow thanks.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeOct 26th 2011 edited
    The awesome 'chops of DispoPhoto/Jason have haunted me long enough...
    • CommentTimeOct 26th 2011


      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeOct 27th 2011
    Oh good, you found it... : )
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    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2011
    Wolverine never looked better! And Oda's bitey face was put to admirable use, I see.

    This thread always reminds me to do at least one bit of drawing every day, but even after several years, I still can't rely on getting what I want from a tablet, and I'm afraid to turn on my scanner again, in case it catches fire. But I had a go at MShades from a couple of pages back. Maybe I can do some digital inking or something.

    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2011
    @Nygaard - Excellent! The pipe is a perfect addition...