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    Xenu looks a lot like J'onn J'onzz, a.k.a. Martian Manhunter. :)

    A friend of mine is protesting here in Minneapolis; I hope he'll have some pictures soon.
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    Wow, I am totally impressed by these images.

    It was obviously very important that protests in Australia were well attended, and also well documented RIGHT AWAY.
    That really is the beauty of the internet, just think how far back that Janet Jackson flashing incident set us everywhere else...

    Am I correct in assuming that it is not Illegal for people in the UK to walk around the streets with masks on?
    It's my understanding that it is here in the US, except on trick or treat night.
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    Just got back from the Vancouver protest. It was a bit cold and rainy, but at the time I left we had maybe 150-200 people and growing. Perhaps a third of those were in V masks.

    The atmosphere was pretty calm, cheerful, even tongue-in-cheek. Lots of jokey slogans, lots of cheering as cars honked.

    There was one idiot, though -- a middle-aged guy who kept screaming at the top of his lungs about how the FBI were tracking him, and how the CoS had been attacking him for years with 'ultra-sonic audio spotlight weapons'. At one point someone foolishly gave him a megaphone. He ranted unintelligibly for a few minutes, until the whole crowd started laughing at him and someone yelled out "TLDR!"

    Around 10 Scientologists stood out front the whole time, manning a table with copies of Dianetics and an e-meter. Some glared, others chatted to us. One guy whose jacket proclaimed him to be a 'Minister' for the CoS walked through the crowd with a video camera, filming faces. He didn't speak a word or respond to queries.

    One police car sat parked nearby. I was told other unmarked cars were periodically sweeping the block.

    Photos to come soon.
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    From Manchester

    from manchester
    from manchester
    from manchester

    It was a great atmosphere, Anon finished with everyone taking a bow, singing the theme from Fresh Prince of Bel Air and going their separate ways.
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    Current US head count:

    50+ Buffalo, NY
    105+ Dallas, TX
    300+ New York, NY
    80+ Detroit, MI
    75+ Cincinnati, OH
    100+ Columbus, OH
    30+ Indianapolis, IN
    15+ Cleveland, OH
    100+ Austin, TX
    170+ Boston, MA
    100+ San Francisco, CA
    40+ Pittsburgh, PA
    80+ Denver, CO
    60+ Phoenix, AZ
    100+ Houston, TX
    70+ Minneapolis, MN
    90+ St. Louis, MO
    150+ Chicago, IL
    150+ Clearwater, FL
    40+ San Diego, CA
    150+ Philadelphia, PA
    300+ Miami, FL
    100+ Washington, DC
    50+ Tucson, AZ
    35+ New Haven, CT
    50+ Charlotte, NC
    35+ Louisville, KY
    400+ Portland, OR (crazy stuff, but seems to be true so far)
    200+ Seattle, WA
    100+ Sacramento, CA
    60+ Kansas City, MO
    25+ Memphis, TN
    200+ Atlanta, GA

    ~3610 people and more to come.

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    Has anyone spotted any blogs/photos/news of the planned protest at the Nashville, TN Celebrity Centre? We did not get a chance to go into the city today and I wondered how big a turnout might actually gather here on in the Bible Belt.
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    I believe under UK law it is entirely legal to walk around in a mask in public, police officers can ask you to remove it but cannot force you into doing so. However, there is something called a Section 60 Order and when that is in place if a police officer asks you to remove an item concealing your identity and they believe you to be a threat of some sort (in anticipation of violence) you have to take it off for them, however you don't have to show anyone else your identity.
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      CommentAuthorWill Couper
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    @Trotsky and Anoxia: And given how strict the guidelines were for these demonstrations, and that all participants adhered to them, I don't think the police would have had any reason to ask people to remove their masks.

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    Love this image.
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    Below is a flyer that was handed to me by a gentleman wearing some sweet goggles with a group that appeared to be headed away from the Boston offices of Scientology at around 3 today. He seemed to be handing them out earnestly despite being 4 or 5 blocks from where the protest had been. I was working so I didn't get to see the turnout myself. I was glad to happen across the group. sorry for the crappy angle on the picture, you get the idea.

    full size jpg here here
    • CommentAuthortmofee
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    That dude with the microphone in the 6th photo from the beginning, I'm 99% sure that's Tim Brunero. It's, so It's most probably him. Hah.
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    Um... It begins?
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    I love the internet.
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    Here's links to wads of pictures from the $cientology protests being collected by someone on Livejournal who's doing a fairly thorough job of it:

    Europe and Australia

    United States
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    Honk if you hate Tom Cruise

    from the Melbourne protest (actually, the meet-up point, Fliders Street Station)
    he got A LOT of honks.

    was a fun afternoon, great atmosphere. nerds rule!
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    there was one in miami? darn, i would've gone.

    my folks are interesting in their views on this. they think that the church of scientology has every right to religious freedom, and that the protesting won't do a thing. but they still think that scientology is bullshit.
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    @ Sarpedon

    Yeah, neither bschory nor I were around to check out the protests, I was going to ask if you did, obviously not. I think some friends did, I'll have to ask them how it went here in Boston later...
    • CommentAuthorMacgyver
    • CommentTimeFeb 10th 2008
    Looks like a bloody good start then. Heard rumblings that the next raid is on the 15th of March. Unfortunately I have an audition in Glasgow on that day. Can see the numbers being higher though, as some of the low numbers are probably due to people not thinking anyone would turn up...

    Nothing on this at any of the major news outlets that I can see. Guess that's because there were no riots...
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    Vancouver, Canada
    ~150 people

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