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    Hey Guys and girls... Please forgive me, and delete this post if it's a Clone of another (i am working on the slowest mobile broadband known to man so difficult to go through all pages...) but any of the board members here in bands they can share links or stories about?

    It sounds incredibly self serving as i am in a band, but someone has to kick it off...

    So My band is THE DEATH OF JOHNNY ALPHA - We're based in Stratford upon Avon, named after the Starlord/2000ad character - and we formed due to a mutual love of comics, zombies films and a mutual hatred for the stuck up idiot bands in our area - we wanted to be a remedy for the SERIOUS BAND issues ruining our towns scene...

    You can find us on - though since they MURDERED Myspace - no one seems to go there, or you can search THE DEATH OF JOHNNY ALPHA on facebook -

    And our bandcamp page:

    Personally... i love unsigned and new music, so please share a link - like us we'll like you and we can have a good old knees up sometime...

    • CommentTimeJan 9th 2011
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    thanks oldhat... i sweat i'm not lazy... but my internet is... will delete thread accordingly... cheers.