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    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2011
    @Mercer Finn: Agreed. Loved the CMYK EP and some remixes I'd heard, but the album was a bit bland.
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2011

    First single from upcoming Deicide album 'To Hell with God'. Pretty mundane up to the middle part, then it starts to smoke.
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2011
    Flower-corsano duo - you'll never work in this town again.
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2011 edited
    All wound up by She wants revenge.
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    Want to donate to a non-commercial, freeform community radio station in Girdwood, Alaska (that you can't hear unless you're here)? Here's a way to do that:

    Support KEUL-FM Girdwood, AK

    If we collect enough, streaming is at the top of the list...
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2011
    Actress - Splazsh

    Rangda - False Flag
    • CommentAuthorrobb
    • CommentTimeJan 17th 2011
    Power Dove was more fragile and far better than I was expecting from a blind link (full disclosure, friend’s label)

    Tremolo fx had me bouncing from the new Gang of Four to Staple Singers to Portishead earlier.

    Slowly going through Headphone Commute's Best of Modern Classical 2010

    The day I learned about The Bullitts Peter Yates died. Damn.
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    Saagara Sangamam
    Acting and dancing legend Kamal Haasan presents the Telugu You Got Served, with alcoholism
    • CommentTimeJan 17th 2011
    The Elemental Chrysalis - The Dark Path To Spiritual Expansion
    • CommentAuthorKidAnarchy
    • CommentTimeJan 18th 2011 edited
    This week I have been listening to,amongst other stuff I can't recall...
    Sole - Nuclear Winter 1 Spring Offensive Remixes, Actress - Hazyville, Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (i usually hate on Kanye but I don't mind this album) and right now KIng Midas Sound - Waiting For You,i love the tune earth killya'.
    Got lots of new music going to listen to Salem - King Night next,supposed to be writing a Vampire quest so i think it's appropriate.
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    this - over and over again.

    it's like an addiction
    • CommentTimeJan 19th 2011 edited
    Raa Raa - Chandramukhi

    Featuring ultimate Superstar, whip-wristed world champion pointer, and grand-master of leg-crossing Rajinikanth (who everyone will recognize from those Sivaji songs)
    • CommentTimeJan 19th 2011
    Earth - Angels of Darkness, Demons Of Light 1
    • CommentTimeJan 19th 2011 edited
    I had no idea the frontman from Big Sugar, Gordie, had created a new band, called Grady.

    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeJan 19th 2011
    What i was listening to today....

    Hjálmar - Keflavik Kingston
    Úlfur Eldjárn - Music Recordings: Music from the Ether
    Authentic the Exception - Thoughts, wurds and actions
    ???vagina Vangi - Benighted United
    David Bowie - Christiane F OST
    Function - Isolation 12''
    Kangding Ray - Pruitt Igoe 12''
    Köhn, Peaking Lights, Alien Radio & Ducktails - Lune Atroce Soleil Amer 7''
    Marasme - Mirroir
    Knut - Wonder
    Bowery electric - Beat
    • CommentTimeJan 19th 2011
    Dude, Knut are playing here with Keelhaul in April. Looking forward to that!

    Starting the day with:

    Jean-Claude Éloy - Gaku-no-Michi
    • CommentTimeJan 19th 2011

    J.C. Satan
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2011
    @KidAnarchy: What do you think of the post-Anticon sole stuff? Apart from the odd track, I've been underwhelmed...
    • CommentAuthorTC-Cork
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2011
    Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - In Glorious Times
    Knut - Terraformer
    Shining - Blackjazz
    Brutal Truth - Evolution Through Revolution
    GZA - Liquid Swords
    Rae, Ghost, Meth - Wu-Massacre
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2011 edited
    Plague Language / Noah 23 - Nova Toast

    PL are on Soundcloud now... that rules. Noah 23 uses the most incredible imagery in his lyrics. Check him out if you haven't, or if you're a fan of Aesop Rock / El-P.