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    Saw your blog post on OpenOffice, Warren. Have you tried LibreOffice? All the good coders from OpenOffice left it in frustration over Oracle's development of it, and made their own version.
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    It's my understanding that LibreOffice won't be fit for purpose for another couple of months at least.
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    What about Scrivener? Go talk to your friend Charlie Stross, as he uses it. There's now a windows version (in beta currently and FREE while in beta, but remarkably stable - I've been using for a while now). I was an Open Office user, but I cannot imagine going back. At the least go take a look at the videos on the site:
    If you're used to Open Office it is a bit odd when you start using it, but its easy enough to get in the swing. I learnt it by starting a new comic project and just picking it up as I went.
    If there were no windows version and had I been able to play with it on a mac, I would have gone and purchased a Mac just to run Scrivener. It's that good.