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    • CommentTimeJan 14th 2011
    @Timbo congratulations! Speedy recovery to mom and Welcome! to the little one!

    My niece is sweetness though a bit rambunctious - facing down a holiday weekend so she just wants to play. But I was reading with her all curled up on my arm and it was lovely I melted a little. Melted a bit more when she did her little cartoon voice (a little bit GIR, a little bit Patrick Star) and I realized she had said "I love you." D'AAWWWW...
    • CommentTimeJan 14th 2011
    @Timbo CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And please welcome little Edith to Earth for me.

    As for my good thing today...

    ...and Star Trek: The Next Generation
    • CommentTimeJan 14th 2011
    My faulty iPad got replaced for free thanks to AppleCare.
    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2011
    yeah i just saw my post from last nigh.... sorry about that....
    • CommentAuthormunin218
    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2011
    In the past few weeks, I have made a new friend out here.

    It makes me happy. :)
    • CommentAuthorTimbo
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2011
    Thanks to all for your best wishes etc.

    We are back at home and settling in.

    Mrs Timbo is feeling better. Teh tramadol is helping.

    @governmentspy we have a son called Charlie who is adapting well to the power shift.

    @oldhat I Like your Charles Haughtry poster.

    I am off to continue with my infant induced sleep deprivation.
    • CommentAuthorOda
    • CommentTimeJan 17th 2011
    I'm amazed this already has a "sink" on it. Warren you grump. :)

    Good things today: While a migrain killed the entire day, at least my shrink managed to get me an appointment tomorrow instead, so it won't cause major fail in the paper process with me needing more benefit moneyZ and all.

    Also started a good book!
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    I posted about it more thouroughly in blogs, but I surprised three burglars while they were breaking into my downstairs neighbors place and beating my downstairs neighbors. I narrowly avoided a tire iron to the face and alerted police. Nobody was seriously injured and they didn't get to actually steal anything. Fun Sunday night in the GovSpy house.
    • CommentTimeJan 18th 2011
    Wow Mr Spy Nicely done! And terrifying. Here's hoping you never have to face something like that again.
    • CommentTimeJan 19th 2011
    Grumpy 'ol Warren, sinking this thread...

    Today I finished editing 32 photos. About 15 more than was actually needed by the client. Over the next couple of days I'll be working it up to 40.

    As for the shoot yesterday it went REALLY well. Apparently just by my conduct alone I might be hired by one of the employees there for their side business to take photos for their web site!

    So hurrah!

    ...and now I'm tired.
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    Ten O'Clock Live is good. It is making me laugh more than has been possible in the past few days.
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2011
    i just finished constructing my new pedal board for the new noise band!

    [] excitment
    • CommentTimeJan 21st 2011 edited
    Hello happy people of Whitechapel. I have good things to share.

    * after 5 years of thyroid drama (I hear you Oda), I'm finally stable on Thyroxine and have more energy and better immunity than I've had in YEARS!
    * since seperating from my partner (of 11 years) late last year I have lost 5 kg
    * I've been hiking on the weekends and discovering beautiful places along with the confidence to take more risks on my own
    * I've been cooking again (stopped due to the whole 5 years of illness thing) and remember that I'm actually pretty damn good at it
    * The MONA FOMA arts festival has been going on here in Hobart and I've seen and heard so many brilliant things, including a reading by Neil Gaiman and a performance by Amanda Palmer, all for free!
    * I've made a new friend in a town where I still don't know many people
    * I have a date tomorrow! (just for fun)


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    Working overtime (and that's a good thing). I'm in hour 11 of 16, clock out at 7am, clock back in at 3pm but then it's my last day of the week. Saving up, me and the lady will have been dating for three years at the end of February, and I get a three day weekend around then, so I'm saving up now to book us two nights at a fancy downtown hotel, that comes with a 5 course meal at a fancy-ass steakhouse. That weekend might cost me a pretty penny, so I'm trading in a few nights I could be home, warm and in bed with the lady right now, for one awesome weekend then. Maybe I'll splurge and get us the couple's massage while I'm at it. Only two more doubleshifts to go and I should be able to afford that... So...tired...
    • CommentAuthorOda
    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2011
    Is it still called "dating" when one's been at it for three years? Oo

    I like reading about everyone's happies.

    Thursday I was "drunk" without drinking alcohol again. My best friend and alcoholic partner in crime has quit the drink, too. So we ruin around town drinking juice or water or alcohol free beer or my drug of chouce: COFFEE (because abstinence from alcohol shouldn't have to mean you have to drink seven coca colas in one night) and we behave like spastic monkeys anyway. Only now we remember it the day after. Which for some absurd reason has us behaving even worse than before. Disgustingly sleazy. Dangeriously retarded. It's all good. And I don't get emo. I just have fun!

    My non-drink thing is only lasting for January, after that I'll drink now and then, but with more moderation than I used to show. As my best friend plans to continue it until JUNE I'll always have good sober company. Yay!
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    Well, we started "dating" on Leap Day 2008, and I'm planning on asking her to marry me when Feb 29th comes around again. Until then, we're dating. She basically moved in with me when I got my own apartment (without roommates) this past August, but her lease ends at the end of February, and she moves the rest of her stuff in... well, starting Sunday (and then every day after that for the rest of my life). For the first time in my life, I've been taking relationship things slow, and man, was that a really good idea. There have been plenty of ups and downs, had we pushed anything too fast, it would not have been a good idea. Waiting three years to live together, I finally feel like, "Hey! I actually want to live with this person!" instead of, "Well *shrug*, we really have no other option, I guess we're living together now."

    Also, I ordered her Tom Wait's new book of poetry that should arrive around our little fancy weekend.
    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2011 edited
    Picked up a copy of 'Let The Right One In' for a fiver in Tescos. All settled down to watch it with nice red wine and assorted munchies, including chewy meaty stuff. No jellied eels though.
    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2011
    Sunk again. Warren is toying with us. }:>

    Mom took me shopping. Well, beggers...choosers, you know how it is. I try to be graceful about free things these days. Though actually I was considering the Good Thing to be not freaking out at having pull down clothes in ever larger sizes. Ugh items bought less than a year ago don't fit already. Dammit. (I'm working on that, but in the meantime I need to presentable in public.) Found some rather cute things as well as business-y gear that don't make me feel like I'm just pretending to be an adult.

    Mom also bought me a bottle of my favorite wine & sake. O.o
    • CommentTimeJan 25th 2011
    By stroke of luck circumstance, I find my self with free accomodation for two weeks in London in the beginning of March!
    • CommentTimeJan 25th 2011
    Got an idea as to when my pho cheque is coming in! I'll be moderately wealthy for a day! Then it's off to pay all my bills!