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    New year, new thread! Lets try to make this one longer then last year.

    Starting off here's a segment of a 6 hour winter solstice set I played. It's a touch on the dubby / minimal techno / idm side. I promise my next submission will be more banging party tunes like you expect from me.

    Tacopunch - A False Start To The Stars

    Kid606 - Twirl
    Kid606 - Together (Electric Co Mix)
    Monolake - Titan
    Van Rivers - Spaces I
    Protman - Untitled
    Sr Click - My Girlfriend is a Cephalopod
    Matthew Dear - Dog Days (Perlon Mix)
    The Knife - We Share Our Mothers Health (Radioslave Mix)
    Autechre - Draun Quarter

    The track list is incomplete b/c I didn't take very good notes while I was playing.

    I also started up a mixcloud if you'd like to listen to tacopunch mixes away from your main computer.
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    Well done @Tacopunch for getting things started in proper style for 2011!

    I'll bite - here's one I've been working on for @Fauxhammer - a Witch Haus / Drag / Electro mix, perfect for those long winter nights...

    texture / idoru's ghost
    [witch haus / drag / electro mix]

    NB - this mix is no longer on soundcloud, so no streaming, but you can still download.

    Idoru's Ghost - DOWNLOAD


    1 the gentle hum of anxiety / trent reznor & atticus ross
    2 as the ocean sweeps you away / forest ocean
    3 burnout eyess / oOoOO
    4 tundra / metatron
    5 rose bath [moon rmx] / raw moans
    6 dreams / vortex rikers
    7 new flesh / story of isaac
    8 aqua net [party trash rmx] / raw moans
    9 squares / fighting dan
    10 mumbai / oOoOO
    11 fucK that dAy [high park rmx] / raw moans
    12 hearts / oOoOO
    13 nightmares / vortex rikers
    14 seawww / oOoOO
    15 digital versicolor / glass candy
    16 illusions / vortex rikers
    17 trains / metatron
    18 a dark wind blows / texture
    19 cmyk / james blake

    recorded at the abandoned weaponlabs facility, six months after 'the event'...
    all degradation in sound quality is due to EMP-damaged hard drives - please adjust bass manually.
    for captain fauxhammer, admiral j. tacolexa and the ghosts of whitechapel.
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    @texture thanks for this mix. I had it in heavy rotation this past weekend.
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2011
    Glad you liked Kelcey! I may just do another one, I'm totally obsessed with White Ring now.
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    Now i am NOT a DJ in the proper sense of the word, but i have been making little mixes and stiff. Here is one that i'Ve made last weekend. So you can listen and laugh at your pleasure..



    “Áramóta ávarp Geir H. Haarde….”
    PiL - Warning
    Explode Into Colours - Sharpen The Knife
    23 Skidoo – The Gospel Comes To New Guinea
    The Human League - Being Boiled
    “The Sound Of The Wires….”
    Disco Inferno – In Sharky Water
    Future Sound Of London - Far-Out Son of Lung and the Ramblings of a Madman
    Tones On Tail – Performance
    The KVB – Slow Death
    David Maloso – Ritmo Especial
    Rude 66 - Black Sabbath
    Rúnar Magnússon – Freeze no Extra
    Factory Floor – 16-16-9-20-1-14-9-7
    Scuba – Latch
    Sandwell District – Variance (Function edit)
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2011
    Bob that was exactly what I was after today. Great mix. And... nice reverb!
    • CommentTimeFeb 8th 2011 edited
    Alright folks? I have compiled another Witch Haus mix for your delectation:

    DOWNLOAD so..spectral [mix]

    ////////†3x†UR3 – sØ...sp3c†R?L/////////
    [ wi†cH H?uS / dr?g / ElEc†RØ mix ]

    pyr?mids of giz? - pyr?mids of giz?
    that boy (subtohell mix) – HowIQuitCrack
    ?unknown? – chelsea_†_rap
    madden – a swizzle
    WHITE RING – feather
    NEW FE?R – night boat
    bear like mouse – rock the boat (bear like mouse mix)
    WHITE RING – roses
    ryerye – bLacK ceiLinG
    Purity Ring – Ungirthed
    Invisible Force - the dream is over now
    WHITE RING – we rot
    WHITE RING – IxC999
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    @texture. perfect for tonight and me brainstorming! Wooo.
    I have been working on a EBM mix that is very warlockhause. I need to finish moving and get my gear set up. Curse you uni, curse you 3 degree weather outside!
    • CommentTimeFeb 10th 2011
    Cheers Tacopunch, glad you're liking it sir.
    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2011

    Conjurers' Dub Vol. 2

    Dark bass heavy late-night sounds. Custom built for long winter nights spent trawling the abyss.

    1.The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation – Deadly Rehearsals
    2.Forest Swords – Rattling Cage
    3.Demdike Stare – Bardo Thodol
    4.Water Borders – Akko (Petals remix)
    5.Roman Lindau – Keppra
    6.Fever Ray – Seven (Marcel Dettman remix)
    7.Eliphino – I Just Can't
    8.Raime – This Foundry
    9.Badawi – The Axiom (Andy Stott remix)
    10.L.B. Dub Corp. - It's What You Feel
    11.Onmutu Mechanicks – Lupus Moon (Xdb remix)
    12.Nick Hoppner – Isp
    13.Mike Shannon – Under the Radar (Deadbeat remix)
    14.Scuba – Tracers (Deadbeat remix)
    15.Rhythm & Sound (feat. Tikiman) – Acting Crazy
    16.Resoe – Minus & Plus (Sigha remix)
    17.Lerosa and Donato Dozzy – Neon Snake
    18.Alice Russell – Hurry On Now (Emika remix)
    19.Echologist (feat. The Spaceape) – Mercy Beat (Mri vs. UES remix)
    20.Bvdub – A Silent Reign
    21.Forest Swords – Hjurt (Pariah remix)
    22.oOoOO - Sedsumting

    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2011
    Yes Kelcey! Nice selection.
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    A new mix! but this time in the form of a podcast. Lord have mercy on us......

    They Mostly Come Out At Night...

    The Chi-Lites - The Coldest Days Of My Life
    Jean-Claude Vannier - L'Enfant Au Royaume Des Mouces
    Les Baxter - Pictures In The Sand
    Toro Y Moi - New Beat
    Cecil Leuter & Georges Temperino - Electro Sounds No. 8
    Bruno Nicolai - Christine, Princess Of Eroticism, Seq 1
    Sallyangie - Love In Ice Crystals
    Metal Mountains - Structures In The Sun
    Bird From The Abyss - Hidden Powers
    Patrice Sciortino W/ Concordia Sex Education Series - Take The High Road
    Umberto - Temple Room
    Vangelis - Suffocation
    Raime - If Anywhere Was Here He Would Know Where We Are
    Dirty Beaches - Speedway King
    ?Aimon - Pure
    Sign Off.....
    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2011
    Raime are cool, @icelandbob Their mix-tape was my fave mix of last year. I'm playing a live show with them in a couple weeks time. I love Umberto too.

    Here's a mix I did - mostly old Rock / Bluesy Psych / Pop - because (a) it's fun, (b) it's counterintuitive and (c) I looove all that shit. Here.
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    All Sorts of Handsome Vases Radio
    March, 2011

    R1ght Cl1ck

    01. The Dodos - When Will You Go :: No Color, 2011
    02. Sufjan Stevens - I Walked :: The Age of Adz, 2010
    03. Mumford & Sons w/ Laura Marling & Dharohar Project - To Darkness / Kripa :: EP, 2010
    04. Toro Y Moi - Before I'm Done :: Underneath the Pine, 2011
    05. R.D. Burman (p, c) - Mehbooba Mehbooba :: Sholay, 1975
    06. Grails - Stoned at the Taj Again :: Take Refuge in Clean Living, 2008
    07. Titus Andronicus - A Pot in Which to Piss :: The Monitor, 2010
    08. Typhoon - Body of Love :: Hunger and Thirst, 2010
    09. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - I See a Darkness :: I See a Darkness, 1998
    10. Earth - Father Midnight :: Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light, 2011
    11. Fond of Tigers - Sept 16, 2005 :: Continent & Western, 2010
    12. Abner Jay - St. James Infirmary
    13. Manna Day (p), Shankar Jaikishan (c) - Tu Pyar Ka Sagar Hai :: Seema, 1955
    14. Like Bells - Follow the Birds :: Palma, 2010
    15. Nick Drake - Fruit Tree :: Five Leaves Left, 1969
    16. Danielson - Hosanna in the Forest :: The Best of Gloucester County, 2011
    17. Mohd. Rafi (p), Laxmikant Pyarelal (c) - Kahan Tera Insaaf Hai :: Sargam, 1979
    [length - 85:25]

    This mix is a story without words, of several possible forms. An example of a possible form is that a boy from the West just out of college travels to India after breaking up with his boyfriend. He meets a new lover in India, and after some traveling, they are given bad drugs by a singing man and both overdose at an abandoned temple. The boy survives and is back in the West and must adjust to life, but he cannot. He must assure his former friends that he is ok, and although he has resolved to make the best of the new life, he steals money to go to India again. In India something unremembered happens and he commits suicide, but fails. This time when he fails he wakes up immediately back in the West, but maybe that is just an additional problem of memory. He does not resolve to not commit suicide again, but only to live for now. (It has become true that the first time he died was also a suicide attempt, though he did not remember it that way). He is forty now and successful, but he is still obsessed with visions of India, which confuses his understanding of which place he is in. One day he is walking down a street in his home city and it becomes a forest, and then it becomes a strange scene where brown people are dancing very loudly and he finally becomes dead because of a moment of musical realism. Meanwhile, it is 1927 in Bengal, and the sweets man has arrived at the courtyard full of children.

    *edit: fixed embedded cover in file.

    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2011 edited
    GHOS† N3BUL?
    WI†CH.H?US / DR?G.MIXxx

    --- n0w-0n-s0undcl0ud-toOoOO---

    [ intro ]

    AMEN – ?AIMON [tundra dubs]

    Shuttle – Skeleton Kids [tundra dubs]

    7th Skin (Move on) – BL/\CK C?ILING []


    a break inside – BL/\CK C?ILING ft. Quiz []


    wolf house - sssandcas†lesss []

    Xfuck. be with me (i’m going to cry) – /PLEASE/ []

    Loud Mouths – Wise Blood [dovecote records]

    Up To No Good
    (NEW FE?R’s Zombie Rave Edit) – Porn Kings []

    The World Keeps Turning –Vnknown Sh?pes [blue daisy]

    Used To Give a Fuck – Vnknown Sh?pes [blue daisy]

    King Night – S4LEM [iamsound]

    h o r s z – w i t c h m n []

    STAR MAGICK – †‡† []

    mixed live @ WeaponLabs in 2011, for Little Rock / Radio Magnetic

    thanks to tundra dubs, dan ocean, iceland bob & warren ellis
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2011 edited
    I figure I'd start a weekly podcast/mix thing, and post that on mixcloud.

    And so, Dead City Radio, episode 1:

    The Lost Hour

    Michael Andrews - Philosophy Of Time Travel
    Various Production - The World Is Gone
    Future Sound Of London - My Kingdom
    Ryuichi Sakamoto - Grief (Amon Tobin Mix)
    Aphex Twin - Gwely Mermans
    [Tom Waits - Nirvana (1/2)]
    [Einstürzende Neubauten - Beauty]
    Gil Scott-Heron - New York Is Killing Me (Chris Cunningham Mix)
    [Polytown - City of the Dead]
    Milanese - Dead Man Walking
    Vex'd - Killing Floor (MAH Mix)
    [William S. Burroughs - The Lord's Prayer (with Chris Stein & Sonic Youth)]
    Elliott Sharp - Backwoods
    Rachel's & Matmos - The Precise Temperature Of Darkness
    [Kryptogen Rundfunk - Radiokatzenjammer]
    [Panasonic - Paine ]
    Angelo Badalamenti - Police
    Sulauma - Neoptera
    Emika - Drop The Other
    King Midas Sound - Meltdown
    Tom Waits - Nirvana (2/2)
    The Lady In The Radiator - In Heaven (Everything Is Fine)
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2011

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    SecreTape is the codename for a new hidden audio message.

    the information enclosed is confidential and the enemy has interest on it.

    but you can unlock it by sending a micro-message to the right contact.

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    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2011 edited
    Been crazy busy with school lately but managed to get out a new mix!

    01| The Bug - Skeng (Autechre remix) [Ninja Tune]
    02| Pearson Sound - Blanked [Hessle Audio]
    03| Untold - Stereo Freeze [R & S]
    04| Pinch - Elements [Swamp 81]
    05| Joe - Claptrap [Hessle Audio]
    06| Ramadanman - Work Them [Swamp 81]
    07| Burial - Versus [Planet Mu]
    08| Addison Groove - Footcrab VIP [Swamp 81]
    09| Benga - Baltimore Clap [Tempa]
    10| Jack Sparrow - Red Sand [Tectonic]
    >>| Ramadanman - Tempest [Hemlock]
    11| Digital Mystikz - Return II Space [DMZ]
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2011
    ///////†3X†UR3 \\\\\\\..?__?C‡D-†R?NQ VØL. 1___?

    “...try ‘cid and get fucked up worse than my life is...”

    [McKenna Screwed Intro] [delivered by machine elves]

    ?NGST – New World []

    Pye Corner Audio – Electronic Rhythm No. Four []


    SPIRI† – cutestwitch (produced by Skeletonkids) []

    GVCCI HVCCI & SUSHI MANE – ham & eggs []

    Skeletonkids – My Lil’ Satanist []

    Haruki Tamesue – GRINCH (‘CID KREW MIX) []

    Animal Collective – College (ETHEREA mix) []

    GVCCI HVCCI – Queen of Darkness []

    Dizzee Rascal – Stand Up Tall (Skeletonkids mix) []

    LOVEDIED – WISH 2 DI3 []

    Full Blush – Engine #3 []

    GUMMY†BE?R – Cognitive Ascension []

    PARTY TRASH – kings []

    †3X†UR3 – Victimae []

    TSTR – zombie prescription []
    • CommentTimeJun 8th 2011

    ///////†3X†UR3 \\\\\\\
    ?__?C‡D-†R?NQ VØL. 2___?

    Tyler The Creator – Yonkers (Chopped & Screwed by Mike G) []
    Haruki Tamesue – how’reyehdoin’ []
    Six-Beats – Roll One, Smoke One []
    BL?CK C?ILING – Leant My Heart 2 U []
    Ghostpoet – Cash & Carry Me Home (Screwed by T3XTUR3) []
    Benga –United Kingdom []
    GUMMY†BE?R! – Sleeping In Dubai []
    EV1LR1V3R – Black Mass []
    Alonzo Wang – Dead Boy []
    Haruki Tamesue – voyeur []
    NANCY – Me & Me & A Gun []
    ILLUMINATIPRINCESS.GIF – teehn bwitches []
    Vagina Vangi – Black Coils []
    DJ Krust – Warhead (Voltergeist’s 92BPM Mix) []
    Delia Derbyshire – Falling []
    Church – Formal Dream Sequence []

    with thanks to william s burroughs – bunny frost – tundra dubs – haruki tamesue - icelandbob