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    • CommentTimeJan 17th 2011 edited
    "We are writing a ten part motion comic series set in the fast paced world of the Victorian Internet... The story revolves around the office of the International and Electric Telegraph Company in Manchester, in 1871. We follow the fortunes of a gang of young adults who connect with wires. They have the day to day data of the city, of the world even, flowing through their telegraph keys. They are solely responsible for the safe transmission of millions of messages from Croydon to Calcutta, Cairo to Copenhagen, millions of bits of information flowing through the wires, through their fingers. Millions of people relying on the telegraph for news of wars, the prices of their stocks, the news of a loved one’s birth, or marriage or death. All of this responsibility heaped on those young shoulders and they still manage to find time to slack off, play games, bitch about each other and fall madly passionately in love, all at the lightning speed of the telegraph...."
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    I like everything in that but the mention of it being a motion comic, though that might be coloured by my own experience making them and a general dislike of muddying comics with animation.

    However, with Moore, Reppion and Vieceli I'm optimistic I'll overcome my prejudices.

    Love the little bit of preview art there.

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    The evolution of motion comics will be swift, I especially like that they are writing for the motion comic medium rather than trying to bring an outdated publication to life.
    • CommentTimeJan 18th 2011
    Hey, guys!
    Thank you so much for making a thread about this, Warren ^_^
    And thanks, Richard! I'm glad you like it.

    With hatrick and channel4 throwing weight behind it, and curfew magicians Littleloud on tech, I'm hoping the team can come up with something new and interesting in terms of medium. As you say, this is a project being created specifically for the platform, so that gives us loads of chances to try things out. It's funny that, even early on, when the term 'motion comics' was bandied around, most of us said 'well, what ARE motion comics, anyway?' :)
    We were keen to come up with something that kept the immersive and self-governed reading experience of a comic, but that also made use of the digital medium and made that platform necessary. I won't personally have much to do with the final outcome, as my work is mostly in the design stages, but it's an awesome team working on Thrill Electric, so I have faith they'll come up with something fun, whatever its terminology, hehe.
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    Jesus, that sounds immense. The Moores will screw us all. I picked up Reppion's Haunted liverpool in Tesco along with my noodles and extra proof rum. That boi has tallent.
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    Good grief that's an idea and a half.
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    @emsie - blimey, this looks gorgeous.
    Full Thrill Electric cast
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    W00t! Go Emma! These character designs are gorgeous ^_^
    • CommentTimeJan 21st 2011
    That looks really interesting - can't wait to see how the team uses the motion comic elements. Congratulations on the new project Emma, your work looks fantastic!
    • CommentTimeJan 23rd 2011
    Awww, thanks so much, guys! *hugs*
    *hi fives Paul*
    That's always nice to hear. I had great fun creating such a huge cast for the series. I look forward to seeing how the team take them all forward! ^_^