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    There's been a recent explosion in my feed-reader about how Ugly Fonts may boost Reading Comprehension. Some have taken this to mean that fonts such as comic-sans should be used more often. Those people haven't paid attention to the actual study. It's not ugly boosting the reading comprehension. It's the harder-to-read fonts doing it. The ones that make you stop, read slower and focus more on what you're reading instead of speeding through it like a cheetah on speed.

    Just because a font's ugly, doesn't mean it's great to use. Different fonts can convey different things -- and a font (such as comic sans) doesn't necessarily convey the "oh look, it's school, let us learn now" feeling. It's not a bad font, it's just a bit silly and goofy for a place such as a text book, and it's really not hard to read. Which is where websites seem to be mixing things up, equating all ugly fonts with proper fonts for any use now.

    Is it just me or has the media, in general, been taking a lot of rather bland stories, twisting them to the point where recognizing the sources is near impossible, and throwing a shitfit? Tiger Mom, Comic Sans is for Educating! and the 13th Zodiac...

    or maybe it's just the local coffee shop keeping the tv on fox news and pissing me off with this crap in the morning.