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    Another massive tranche of pages from comics creator James Stokoe: there's a complete comic and a huge chunk of a graphic novel in there for your free reading pleasure. A better way to start the day.
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    Wow, You can totally see how his art progressed over the years. Just compare Fire for Effect with the Orc Stain page. FoF's coloring is borderline painful (still great in "oh god, all the red is melting my eyes" way) but on Orc Stain it's way more masterful. I guess that's what completing hundreds upon hundreds of pages does to someone's coloring skills.

    (Having said that, my Orc Stain trade arrived earlier this week and I'm still waiting for my Wontons cause I had to have them imported and the store receives special orders like that only once a month).
    • CommentAuthorkperkins
    • CommentTimeJan 21st 2011
    I've read the Wontons, they are strange and fabulius.
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    Everyone should buy both Wonton trades and the Orc Stain trade and monthly Orc Stain. Nothing as petty as money should get in the way of this man making comics.