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    • CommentTimeJan 21st 2011
    Luke never was really stupid, but he also was very selfish and obsessed with "having girls". So his speech does have a few points: they need to extend their view to what it all really is about, and how to handle it: what to do and -equally important- what NOT to do. But "if only" does not help much. And drinking, however pleasant at times, does not help either.

    I wonder what Alice has seen.

    The chopper? I guess it sort of stranded in their moat in time. But it still makes me wonder on how Whitechapel now relates to the rest of the world, under that protection of the FA's.

    Kradlum: I hope mother and baby are OK? Congrats on the event!

    My week: busybusybusy: professional job, and besides that playing handyman for the 2 daughters: one of those will move into her new house next week, so more busy times ahead.
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    Of all the people i last expected to grow the fuck up. . .whoa.

    Re. the chopper, I figure it ran out of fuel and crashed while trying to turn back sometime within ten minutes of putting up the moat.
    • CommentTimeJan 21st 2011
    Redemption is possible... and so is relapse.

    "...bottom of the crazy barrel." I hesitated to click the next page because I didn't want to lose that tiny bit of sympathy that suddenly flared up. Luke finally voicing the fact that what he did was wrong is pretty huge. But uh... Let's just say that I don't forget I'm reading an Ellis comic. };> Anyway, I like how it played out. I like that I even missed the tear in the first panel until Luke wiped his face.

    Further feeling conflicted about Luke because he's finally investigating the questions I've been pondering for most of the FA run - how did they come to be freakangels? How much do they know about themselves and how can they find out the rest? Why do they have these abilities? Where do they come from? Etc etc. Luke recognizes not only his specific guilt but how the group's collective action implicates them.

    Will the others match him in seeing the potentials? Will they wise up? Will whatever happens to Luke next mean he never selfishly hurts other people again? Will WE ever get to find out the origins of the freakangels??! [insert announcer voice: tune in again, same freaktime, same freaksite!]
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    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2011
    Luke's own words almost seemed to be him saying: 'look, I've got to be done in because I can't be fixed and I'll just do it again - but you're all better than that'.

    I think we all knew in the end that Luke would be the one to at least voice the questions, if not investigate them. He is brilliant, after all. A total asswipe, but a brilliant one. But I think we also knew that his never-put-to-good-use brilliance would be no good at all without the others taking it and making good use of it.

    But if it took them all - un-'upgraded' - working together to break the world ( so far as we know ), what will it take for them all 'upgraded', working together to FIX the world?

    ( also - how would Luke expect them to 'do away' with him anyhow? Kirk's suggestion of a lobotomy seems futile in the face of his other 'lobotomy' earlier... The question isn't at that point WILL they work together, as it is will the figure out HOW to work together. )
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    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2011 edited
    This isn't the first time that Luke has voiced uncomfortable truths about the Freakangels and what light immortality casts on their past actions. He did the same when he made his big speech after returning from the dead and - right as he got to the crux of it - KK kicked him unconscious. This time, rather than reflecting on what Luke has said, they choose to focus on the validity of HIS guilt and dismiss everything. Or so it appears. The other Freakangels have good and bad qualities, but I have always felt a little as though they can be hypocrites. They watch over Whitechapel and it salves their guilt and they think they've made up for stuff. But there's a whole world of horror outside their bubble and that's their fault too. I don't think they're ready to deal with that, but I get the feeling the wider world is going to slap them in the face sometime soon.
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    So the rape was a metaphor. Just as Luke raped somebody for no other reason than he felt like it and could, the teens ruined the world because they were pissed off and deep down, wanted to do it. Just like Sirkka mindwiped and cleansed that girl and kind of swept things under the rug, so too they have swept what they did to the world under the rug and tried to make like it didn't happen. They tried to sweep away Luke too! And Mark, for that matter, and in both cases were not successful, because the truth about what they did and what they were can't be swept away so easily.
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    I think they will be redeemed in the end, and restore the world to better shape. And it was Mark who instigated the crash and pushed the others to thr point of no return.
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    The primary point is that none of this would have happened had they known earlier that they didn't have to fight for their survival. No hole in the world, no Whitechapel, none of it. Of course, had they known sooner, would they have tried to make the world a better place, or would they have been stupid, bickering kids anyway?

    What would it be like if you would have found out at 17 that you actually were indestructible? How much stupid shit would you have done then?

    You and me both.
      CommentAuthorJeff Owens
    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2011
    Luke is a gigantic asshole. Gigantic assholes are generally amongst my favorite characters, and he is no exception.
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    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2011
    is the pistol shooting from one of mark's mind slaves? because mark may be able to control them while unconscious now.

    while luke may just be bullshitting his way out of a punishment, he has very good points and i hope they don't just write everything he say off.

    i wonder if they can keep the penis on luke's head until the end of the story, the first book was in 24 hours and i bet the last one may be a short time period as well.
    • CommentTimeJan 25th 2011
    Wow, beautiful episode. Perfect.