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    I've recently become one with the spongy white internet demigod of communicative blogging and re-blogging. I'll mostly be using it to do something constructive with my internet addiction and get doodles and drawings online. there any particular page or pages within the great Tumbularity that anyone can recommend?
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    Well, I could suggest...

    mine where I just post my stuff:

    My other one where I post lots of stuff:

    There's some of that post original or personally sought out content, like:

    and then there's the clusterfuck of people from this place. Here's a handful:
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    Links to my tumblr(s) are in my account page, but when it comes to other things I like:

    There's,,, (I really like how The Atlantic is using tumblr),, and my good friend and artist for, (the creator of an excellent TRON cookie, as well).