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    Random: sometimes I think about moving my "blogging" to Twitter & using my website for free webcomics + other content.Sat Jan 22 01:09:33 via TweetDeck

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    Even Google doesn't want me to use Google Reader anymore: they hid the Reader link in the drop-down today.Sat Jan 22 01:10:36 via TweetDeck

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    anyone fancy drawing some webcomics for free? hahahaha oh god I think it's time for (say it with me) #DoctorWhiskySat Jan 22 01:22:17 via TweetDeck

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    glad to hear people are shouting at you , you're really good at you're job. ( no understand twitter conversations though me slow)
    • CommentAuthorjonah
    • CommentTimeJan 23rd 2011
    What would the advantages be? To get more interaction/conversation on blog posts? That would be interesting. I dunno.

    I enjoy using twitter on my phone, but the actual page is pretty crappy for parsing info. All the rts and @s in the web interface just become noise.

    I download a rss of your site and check it out every week or so(more of your posts need titles!) while with a twitter version of your blog I would use it the same way I use twitter now - just something to check out when I have a moment to spare. You know... I was looking at the twitter rss and I wonder if some smart person has set up a way for a (html)blog to post and filter a twitter feed automagicly?!
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    Your blogging style actually fits nicely with a Tumblr format, if you wanted to move your blog rumblings I'd do it to Tumblr, and use your blog for the comix stuff, which would kind of be pretty cool. You could just use Twitter as a linkshare and drunken mumble spot.
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    "Anyone fancy drawing some webcomics for free?"

    I keep offering...