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    Because I rant on those SNOM threads waaaaay too much, I'll do it here.

    Yes, I'm going to school. Full time, even. This is perhaps not a good idea, and not just because I have to transfer from bus to train to Paterson (a notorious dangerous shithole) to get to my University.

    My Lyme Disease brain swelling headache of doom is returning with a growing vengance of perpetuity. Sure, I've been taking two different antibiotics twice a day for six months now, but they only work for so long before the virus grows a resistance and fights back, and you've got to switch pills. Or get an IV. I've run out of one of the meds, the lack of which is kicking my head even further into a poundy state. I tried to get the prescription filled, but for one month supply of antibiotics while not having coverage, they'd asked me to pay $260.

    (My school forces me into crappy medical coverage plan, but it's not kicked in yet, I suppose.)

    My commute, to travel just 35 miles away, is a 3-4 hour trek. A mile walk to the train towards NYC, to then transfer to a different train away from NYC, to a bus. The bus stops running at 10, so to get home, I've got to take a bus to Manhattan, and then walk 8 blocks through midtown to the train station to get home.

    Google maps tells me that it'd take less time to travel by bicycle. Christ.

    But it's not really even a matter of the time that it takes. I'm patient when it comes to public transport, really. It's the physical exertion and being upright for so long making my head go 'splody. Also, it's fucking expensive. It's between $25-$35 each day I trek to school. That's nearly $300 a month! Therefore, I'm looking into buying a car with all that Federal loan money I'll be getting soon. I'm also looking on craigslist to see if I can hire someone to drive me to classes, as well as hiring/barthering an auto-literate man to go with me to look at cars.

    This might all fuck up my attempts at Federal Disability. I hope not. Six months ago, I asked my caseworker how I could switch from Unemployment to Temporary State Disability. I wanted the health coverage. There's a specialist in Princeton I need to see that ONLY takes medicaid and medicare. My caseworker told me I'd make half the money, and that instead I should keep my unemployment until I ran out in a few months, be only breifly without coverage, and then switch. OK.

    Unemployment has not run out yet, but I don't care about the money, I just want to see doctors. My head is exploding. So, this week, I'd gone to Unemployment to ask them about getting on state Disability.

    They told me I'd been on Unemployment too long, and no longer qualified. Then they canceled my Unemployment because if I was unable to work that meant I wasn't looking for work.

    I then went to Financial Aid at my university and asked them about if student loans will fuck my disability claim. They didn't know, and sent me to Student Services.

    Student Services didn't know, but the lady DID tell me TO MY FUCKING FACE that she didn't believe that people who can handle going to school should be able to get Disability.

    Now, through school, it's mandatory that I go on their plan, or prove that I'm already on a plan of equivalence. So I have coverage, but it's really crappy. Also, there's no dental, and I've got at least one tooth that will probably rot out of my head in the next year. I've already got one missing tooth, I don't want another. Whatever makes my spine and joints crap is likley effecting my teeth. At my last dentist visit 6 years ago, I needed something like 24 cavaties filled.

    It's not all bad, though. I'll be getting enough in student loans to either get a car, move out, or maybe even do BOTH. If my disability DOES go through, I'll have the peace of mind to know that if I continue to worsen, my student loans will be severely reduced or "forgiven".

    Also... Two men helped me find a cab when I arrived in Paterson; a cab driver charged me half price; another man brought me to my bus stop and walked me from the bus to my train; a train conductor let me ride for free instead of charging me the on-train fee.

    And... the Photography I professor, after looking at my website, changed her mind about suggesting I take the prerequisite courses and invited me to her class.

    I've successfully kept it quiet that I'm going to school, and family is unaware. Hopefull I can slip away like the fuck up they think I am, and then kick some ass.

    It's a shame how well spite works as a motivator in my life.


    I'd emailed my psychologist. Since I'll be going to school full time I'll have coverage, and my psychologist takes this new coverage of mine. I also asked him to fill out the form that would allow me to get a discounted rate on NJ Transit for disabilities. I mentioned to him the arduous journey it was, taking 3 hours each way, and how VERY fucking expensive. About $30 a day. I added that I hoped this experience of going to school wasn't going to make me lose my shit.

    His response:

    If you stick with this plan, you WILL lose your shit, and it won't take long. It is preposterous for anyone to do such a commute, much less you, with your assorted issues. It is NOT in your best interests, despite a few "positive" things that could come of it. For the sake of your overall health, and your psychological health in particular, I recommend against it. You would need to step up all efforts to find a ride to make it remotely feasible. How about any other schools to attend?
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    I'm not sure how the cost of antibiotics would compare with what you have now, but a friend who got Lyme Disease in her teens (and was misdiagnosed for the next 20 years or so) had decent results with the Marshall Protocol. Be warned there are times you'll feel like complete crap on it, though, and it takes about 2 years.
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    Thank you for the suggestion! That's very kind of you.

    Unfortunately, since I already have very low blood pressure that makes me dizzy when I stand... and since I've already been diagnosed with Rickets once before, I think the recommended lack of Vitamin D and addition of a blood pressure medication would not be a good solution for me.

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    I'll note that the Marshall Protocol, whether you believe in it or not, is not a treatment for infectious disease, but somewhat the opposite as a treatment for autoimmunity.

    In autoimmunity, there might be some benefits from eliminating vitamin D; it's become clear that this vitamin is very important for normal immune functioning. That's a little bit like starving yourself to prevent vomiting, but there could be cases in which it makes some degree of sense. In theory, but ask a doctor.

    In infectious disease, taking vitamin D out of your system could severely cripple your immune response and make your life a lot worse. But a doctor is likely to know more about that than I.