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    Ooh, Cursed Pirate Girl! I could only ever find issues 2 and 3, so never read this. I read a few pages of issue 2, decided I had to have it and... nothing. No issue 1 to be found anywhere. It was a while ago but I definitely liked the bit I read, and the collected version Will Be Mine!
    • CommentTimeJan 26th 2011
    There is this signing event happening in Ann Arbor, Michigan, for people that would like to go.!/event.php?eid=123802334357052

    For those that can't make it, hit me up at eight.blocks at gmail dot com and if you want to paypal me money for shipping and the book, i'll get a signed copy to you...!
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    Aww... I already bought my copy of Cursed Pirate Girl today. Beautiful book, although I'm only a dozen pages in. Reading at work just isn't all that effective when you want to spend time poring over the linework in each panel. :)