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    • CommentAuthorjmmurrow
    • CommentTimeJan 26th 2011
    Has anyone else seen the teaser trailer for the L5 project? It's a webseries about a blackhole powered relativistic starship that returns to Earth 136 years later than it was supposed to and finds that the Earth has gone quiet. No radio or TV transmision and no city lights on the dark side of the Earth.

    The only sign of life they find is a mysterious space habitat in the Lagrangian point around the moon. Its all based on hard science and the only AI system that is in it is actually one of the good guys! You can find more info about it at

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    After seeing this...

    ... sign me the fuck in.

    Thanks for letting us I know. I hadn't heard of this yet.
    • CommentTimeJan 27th 2011
    Um... shit but that looks good.

    It looks like they Kickstartered their budget too.

    It looks like a group of creative professionals put this together, so this isn't amateur work in the sense of people with no professional background in art or filmmaking, but it is definitely their very low budget labor of love. The trailer is slick, and the acting in it, usually the weak point in these kinds of things, seems solid from this glimpse.

    I couldn't be more jazzed. Thanks for pointing this out!
    • CommentTimeJan 27th 2011
    Enjoyed the lovely test of the command module set ...