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    So the name of it is "Fuck Elmo"?
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    Grover usage might be covered under fair use, it is a bit of a satire.

    I'm an engineer, most of the time that software you were talking about is overkill. Its called finite element analysis software the good stuff is expensive and the cheap stuff is useless, either way its usually quicker to just make one and tweak from there. If you assume the whole thing is made out of the same density material i.e. all plastic, then you just look where the center of gravity is and make sure you have something underneath it for support. I would recommend hollowing it out to save material and if you're really concerned about it tipping-over, hot glue a weight of some kind in the bottom to lower the center of gravity. An FDM plastic is pretty strong and rigid and should be able to hold its self up. Unless you're making it out of a soft silicone for some reason *cough*sextoy*cough* in which case you would have to get the rapid prototype first and then have a casting mold made from the proto.

    This forum has some good info on toy design