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    • CommentTimeFeb 10th 2008
    Those moments where you react without deciding how you're going to are great, a direct line into what you're like underneath.

    Went for a real 6.0 gold-medal pratfall today, going from walking along a frozen street to a perfect horizontal landing - nought to ninety degrees in one second - somehow slamming into the very small of my back. Which hurt.

    My first thought was I was lucky I didn't land on my tailbone because that was a real coccyx-shattering fall, which I'm told is right up there with knife-in-the-eye on the "things that suck" scale. Never mind the massive pain and the weeks as a simulated cripple, you've got the hassle of finding plural for coccyx. Or considering how hard I fell, the collective noun. An agony of cocci?

    Stood up thinking "Well, if that's my reaction to back shattering hurt-impacts, I'm doing pretty good."
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    a cycaphony-
    The cacophony of angry coccyx.
    I think the Coccyx is singular and plural.

    Yeah. I just made up that word. But I like it :)