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    My cousin works for a radio station in France and yearly they put on a music festival. Last year they had bands like Atari Teenage riot and The Future of the Left playing and he's asked me if I could suggest any New British punk or hardcore bands.

    Problem is its not a music that I strive to listen to, so I'm looking for some recommendations from you fine fellows with taste in such matters that I could pass on.
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    Might I suggest Pacer?

    You can listen to their new record, in full, at Punknews.
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    Pacer are a good band. Other bands I'd suggest off the top of my head are SSS, The Arteries, Leagues Apart and The Shitty Limits.
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    Cheers guys, it's much appreciated. I sent him the links and his favourite so far was The Shitty Limits which he's going to suggest.