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    Vorn, I say again: METAL PETER PAN!


    *cue guitar*
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    \,,/ Second star to left, then straight TO HELL! *solo*
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    Yesterday morning.
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    When it was taken, I was feeling dramatic.

    (I was feeling dramatic.)
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    Hoping I can keep this up for a while.
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2011
    @Paul: hehe thanks :D

    This was taken in the basement of a psychiatric hospital building in Hamilton.
    • CommentAuthorBankara
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2011
    @Zo, strong start after a long absence. Keep 'em Coming!

    @FC, another amazing one. Creepy location, good mood.


    Jaipur India, the breakdown.
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    @Bankara thank you, brave pigeon commander!
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    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2011
    Yellow hearing protection is totally the only fashion accessory you need this season. It's SO 2011.

    Buh bye little piercing. Hello bigger holes in the ears.
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    Got a new tattoo today.


    A quote from Gaiman's Sandman: "Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly."
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    A good choice of words and very appropriate handwriting as well.

    I should have taken a picture of my hair today it is very clean and ginger and tangled.
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    I generally spend most of my time lurking around the forum with out much to add, but for some reason I am compelled to post here:

    4 Photos

    A combo of Waffles, Booming, Karaoke, and mild abuse of my hair.
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    How about a painted self portrait?
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    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2011
    Ok, so here's how I was dressed when I got something homophobic shouted at me from a car while I was riding my bike through the city today:
    Not that it matters how I was dressed, but the level of bigotry, hatred and ignorance in this country still astounds me. These feelings were probably added to by my witnessing the police pulling over and searching a guy last night, in what seemed to be an act of racial profiling. Now, he was being a smartarse to the cops in question, which wouldn't help his cause, but he's likely so fed up with that kind of treatment that he couldn't help himself.
    -end rant-

    Makes me thankful for all the wonderful people here. You are all looking stunning and taking great shots by the way.
    I must return with a video SPIT of me doing khoomei (throat singing) soon.
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    He returns in video form, making weird noises at you.

    Let me know if the embed doesn't work. Apologies for poor sound quality.
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    Freezing a bit in my new hometown of Tartu:
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    @reosarevok - Brrrr! Also, I'd never noticed what a beautiful flag Estonia has.
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    Dextra--nice ink!
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    in the studio

    sorry for the lengthy post, but things have been fairly interesting of late.
    at this moment, i'm supposed to be stressing out over streaming the games from the Deaflympics online from Slovakia, trying to make everything work, converting SDI to component, PAL to NTSC, all in realtime.
    instead, the Deaflympics got cancelled ONE DAY before we were to fly out (and after half the athletes had arrived in Slovakia)

    Travel Insurance is your friend. consider it an investment, like we did. because of that, we have more money than those who didn't. you've been warned.

    turns out the 11,000,000 Euros that were funneled into the games never reached the venues, hotels, or even transportation companies. it all went to the pockets of the chief of the Slovak Organizing Committee, Jaromir Ruda, who, two days ago, was busted at the border trying to flee into Hungary.

    how do I fit into all of this?

    The company i work for (volunteering at the moment) happened to have two of our cultural reporters already en route to Slovakia when word the cancellation was announced. so, literally overnight we went from being a struggling online sign-language broadcaster, to a now-famous (in the deaf world, at least) investigative journalis broadcaster. not only are we the only international media team on location (far as we were able to determine) we are also the ONLY deaf media team investigating the fiasco, and broadcasting answers in International Sign (IS).

    The two reporters, Dawn Jani Birley (Canadian now living in Finland) & Darren Frazier (American), are filming and investigating daily, and sending back on average 2-4 edited videos daily. they have no journailst experience, except for the occasional cultural videos.

    the best part? Darren is filming it all with his new Nikon D7000 and a Litepanels light, while editing it on iMovie. he then uploads it to Slava's Dropbox, then over here in our ad-hoc press centre in our boss' Yorkville penthouse in Toronto (yup, we're struggling), which consists of me, Slava and our boss, Hannah, we then add the H3 logo in the corner using an alpha mask in quicktime, re-compress it with an Elgato Turbo HD hardware compressor, upload to Vimeo then embed into our site. We do staff meetings with our reporters via iChat.

    Darren has almost NO experience filming or editing, and i had to read through his camera's manual i downloaded online and explain the basics via email, which settings to use, what shutter speed for which framerate, etc. he still hasn't gotten the colour balance theory locked down yet, but it's a minor issue at this time.

    while solving technical issues, I also do most of the translations from IS to english, which is a struggle sometimes, being more fluent with ASL with IS being a fairly new language to me. we also have another consultant in Florida who used to be involved with international deaf organizations, and she cleans up my transcripts plus expands on some background information that i'm missing out on.

    Because of this, Deaf people all over are getting timely answers on the fiasco (with occasionally lagging transcripts. fuck off.) where before the advent of easily accessible video technology, it would've taken years for all to get a straight answer about it, if ever.

    you can meet the two awesome reporters via a news clip the Strba news did on them (assuming you speak Slovak) here