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    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2011
    Hey guys, I'm Erika.
    I'm a full time cartoonist operating out of Periscope Studio in Portland, OR. In fact, it was a couple of my studiomates who suggested I might have fun on this forum, which is why I just joined up! Uhm, I dunno what to tell you guys, really. I'm 27, I've been putting comics on the internet for over ten years, and I've had a British, 3-D game artist husband for a little over two years. We have a really nice little life together, freelancing, making art and watching canceled TV series (right now we're on Stargate: Atlantis, season 3).
    This is me:
    Wardrobe Remix
    • CommentAuthorFifth
    • CommentTimeFeb 15th 2011
    I'm Andy. I'm a mapmaker/cartographer/student in Southern California. Mapmaking is more fun than it looks. Or maybe I'm just an incredible nerd. Whatever.

    I write stories and things, and I'm currently waiting for someone to finish coding a website to display my stories and such things.I know precisely what I want, just waiting for code to finish being laid down by a programmer friend of mine. In the meantime I have a bunch of serials in different stages of completion, and a bunch of half-baked ideas for short comics if any of you artist types want an ideaish thing.

    I also made a little video thing:
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    Hello all I'm Ben. I am an illustrator and occasional musician who also works at Periscope Studio in Portland, Oregon (I heard Erika Moen mention this forum and decided to get in on the fun.) I have drawn for Darkhorse, Marvel, IDW and other independent publishers. I love Science, cats, guitars and my girlfriend Lindsey. I've been making comics and stories since I was a kid but I've only been a full time professional for the last 2 years. I have a website and a webcomic too but I'll give details on those in other areas where appropriate. Nice to meet you!

    Inking Away
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    Hi! I'm Trixie Biltmore. I am ALSO a member of Periscope Studio. (You're nearly through slogging through all of us, don't worry.) I'm an illustrator and cartoonist and partially fictional. I draw a webcomic as a warm-up to my regular drawing, so it's not in my usual style. I have another job which would not look kindly on the idea that I regularly make wiener jokes on the internet, so this is like my alter-ego. In my real life, I'm an illustrator and teacher and have worked on a variety of comics and children's books and advertising stuff for um years now. I live in Oregon with a long-suffering husband, a psychotic whippet, some chickens and two indifferent black cats. Ben Dewey and Erika Moen up there are two of my favorite people in the world.

    Trixie Biltmore: A Self Portrait In Which I'm Not Wearing Any Pants.
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    Hi, I'm Katie. That's me. Awful picture, but I love it as it was taken in a hilarious hour. Not much to say save that it's late and I'm flushing my creative brain with wine and decisions to no longer lurk. Hope to have actual conversations with you lot in the near future.

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    ...Hi. I'm Laurel, and I'm a university student and aspiring (read: terrible) artist and writer who wants to write/draw comics when she grows up, assuming the terms aren't mutually exclusive.

    Here's a pic, and I swear that's a tank top and not underwear.
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    I'm Steph. I've finished grad school, quit smoking, gone off my meds and gotten a bit chubby.

    I write distressing things when I am not supervising the growth and education of your children.
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    Hey, I'm Benjamin Read. I’m a publisher, writer and filmmaker.

    I publish books at Pook Press. A small imprint that ‘celebrates the great Golden Age of Illustration in children’s literature’. I’ve stepped back to Managing Editor, or Honoured Founder or something these days, but it’s still my baby.

    I make films with my partner-in-crime, Luke Massey. We have an independent feature called WARHOUSE in post-production.

    I make comics with Christian Wildgoose. We have two projects in the works, BONE CHINA and BUTTERFLY GATE, for print and web-serialisation respectively.

    I make weird children’s books with Laura Trinder. We also have two projects in the works, WILD THING and THE NIGHT POST, both destined for print.

    I just did a comic version of True Grit with Christian too - all yours for free

    Nice to meet you all.

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    It's like half of Portland, OR showed up on the board suddenly.
    • CommentAuthorwillgun
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2011
    pic of the artist frank

    I'm frank gunter, artist, really like great sci-fi, fantasy art, creator of webcomic Dragonet, among others, its interesting to read through the posts here and discover really great art and comics. Some I've already stumbled upon and its great to visit them again. Thanks much.
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    Self Portrait Via Photobooth

    Hi, my name is Joanna and I'm not a killer.
    I'm an aspiring author who enjoys reading, blogging, singing and guitar.
    Occasionally I'll draw something if the urge strikes.
    I love dark humor, intensity, computers, cynicism, and art rock.
    So I'm very glad to be here.
    • CommentAuthorjohnhornor
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2011
    Check the hands, ladies.
    Name's John Hornor. Novelist and ad guy. Cofounder of a noir mag called Needle. Book coming out from Night Shade in August. Blogger but it's just an excuse to say LOG as often as I can.

    Fan of comics, sf (hard or opera-ish), horror, noir. Southern lit. Faulkner, O'Connor, Percy (father and son).
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    Hello, my name is David Bateman.

    I broke my duck in this week’s Freakangels thread, just there, and decided it was bad form not to introduce myself. So here’s the rectal. Umm, rectification. Rec-something. I haven’t thought this through.

    I’m a thirty-something, year-of-the-dragon, fightin’ Glaswegian with a passion for reading, and a fear of writing. I spend a lot of time on the internet. I drink, mostly heavily, and I still believe that it’s the magical mind elixir that it was in my teenage years.

    I bow before you, Whitechapel.

    • CommentAuthorBradyDale
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2011
    Howdy! I learned about this site because of the times you've done Webcomics Week. I'll participate in the next one.

    I'm an Organizer for Clean Water Action in Pennsylvania, PA, US.

    I just launched my web-comic, Eat the Babies, but I've already drawn the first 100 strips (you can only see the 1st two, so far, tho).

    I tweet.

    I like ACT-I-VATE a great deal. I believe Mr. Ellis has supported them, but i could be misremembering.

    This is what I look like:
    Me in Paris, Spring 2010
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    Hello, my name's Amanda and I live in flood/cyclone ravaged sunny Queensland, Australia.

    I'm a freelance developmental editor and proofreader, music blogger, aspiring artist and poet.

    I think it says a bit about me that I don't have any urls I can easily link to which contain a photo of me, and my Twitter pic doesn't provide that much more info on my appearance. I'll work on that for you.

    Possibly the best way to get your head around everything I am involved in is to check out my Tumblr.

    I edited the first novel of Thomas McKenzie, who is also a member on this forum. His book is titled 'KnoWare Man' and I highly recommend it.

    Anyhow, enough about me. I look forward to reading your comments and getting to know you.

    Warm regards
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    Yes, it's true, I am a man called Kay. I live in Marrckville, Sydney, with my wife and three small children. I am never properly happy unless I am out of my depth.

    I was warned in high school that if I tried to do everything I wanted to do that I would fail because it would cumulatively take too long. I'm 39 and still fighting that assessment.

    I make visual art, music, film and I write fiction. I can't dance attractively, juggle, act or write good poetry, and my welding's pretty average too. So far in 2011 I have built an infrared video camera out of junk, written and directed a short post-apocalypse film and shot it on said camera, scored said film and rehearsed up a three piece band to play the score live at the screening (cello, shortwave radio and 44 gallon drum... I'll be playing the drum, though I have never played percussion before) set up a new film festival where all sound is made live in order to have a vehicle for said film, and (despite having failed sculpture at art school and told by a lecturer that I am "gloriously talent-free") have been accepted into a major sculpture show on the strength of a drawing that I think looks a lot like a penis.

    Now I just have to amass 44 quarter-vent car windows by tomorrow, figure out how to edit film on Friday and learn how to weld before Monday. Oh, and do all that stuff with flyers and radio interviews that running a film festival seems to involve, none of which I have ever done before. I'm really quite content for once. This is actually fun. I'm so tired I can't see my toes.

    Warren Ellis is on the very short list of writers that I trust. He would probably count that as a fatal mistake, which is part of why I trust him. I have been reading his work on paper for a lot of years, FA for a lot of months, and this forum for a lot of weeks. Now I have signed up. Hello.

    The other day, some friends poured beer into me until I couldn't formulate excuses anymore and took me to an Amanda Palmer "ninja gig" at Carriageworks in Redfern. She played Radiohead's "Creep" on the ukelele and everyone in the room sang along; "I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo, what the hell am I doing here, I don't belong here..."

    This is me at that point in time:

    <a href=""></a>
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    I am a painter, working primarily in watercolour & inks. I quite enjoy what I do -> you can see my stuff here. I am writing this on half a hangover after a considerable amount of vodka and wine, mixed with tasty tasty nachos. Mexican food always tastes better drunk. I hail from Australia originally, grew up in Hong Kong and am currently living in sunny, balmy Seattle.

    Most recent painting:

    I've been meaning to post on whitechapel for years, but never got around to it. From this you can gather that I am efficient . If memory serves this is the first forum that I've joined a forum.

    Also: me, myself and I:

      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2011
    Uhm, I dunno what to tell you guys, really.

    Umm, how about that you are awesome? Glad to have you aboard, Erika. Talent is loved here.
    • CommentAuthormrwilkey
    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2011
    People call me Wilkey because it is my last name and already sounds like a nickname. As I write this, my Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to complete my first graphic novel has just finished, having reached its goal. Some checks from computer-weary family are still arriving. Last year, Fairleigh Dickinson accepted me into their MFA in Creative Writing Program and granted me the Director's Award for Fiction. I went for a one-week residency and politely backed out. Kicking off my flip-flops and dancing in the rain while listening to poetry from a book that is available for sale at the back of the dining hall....not for me. Not for another two years and $32000. Into the arms of Vonnegut, Bukowski, Palahniuk and Ellis I ran. So, Ive read the FAQ...thoroughly...more than once amd I must say it hasnt filled my Ellis-Shaped Hole. Read that as dirty as you like. I was spoiled. It was Marvel, Avatar, Avatar, Marvel for so many months. Mainstream, Indie, Mainstream, Indie but always from the one voice, Ellis. He gave me a taste of this drug I call "unkown" and Ive been turning up for a fix ever since. I can accept AND sympthasize with the data loss. My own external hard drive is in the sweaty hands of some IT dude from my dad's office. My only good fortune is that I emailed a ton of my stuff to myself. But Warren, please send us something! Anything! No one will complain about brand new Ellis.

    Anyway, while I continue to perform my own songs acoustic at open mic nights, I am fiending on the notion of starting a brand new rock band and making a big noise. Im relieved to be here in this forum. Allow me to add my love for Ellis to the pile.

    John Wilkey
    • CommentAuthorSeraph
    • CommentTimeFeb 27th 2011
    Well, looks like everyone has a nice book to write on themselves. I wish I could really say the same.

    So hi. I'm Mike. And I'm currently a slave to the tourist industry in Ohio while I belatedly finish up my time at college so I can be a slave to a much more 'supporting a family' friendly industry. And when I'm not studying or busy being a parent, I like to read, with a heavy lean toward fantasy, game, and keep up with far too many freeform RPs than I have time for to satisfy my 'lots of desire but not enough talent' writing desires.

    So without further ado, proof that I really am a real person!
    This is me!