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    I'm Eric, an unpublished do-nothing loaf of white bread. I've got a degree in writing, which is akin to having a degree in waking up in the morning or a certificate in biding time. I've lurked on these boards for what seems like years, posting now and again under different guises. A friend suggested I try to connect with the art community because they say you lot like to go out and do things. I'll try my best to go out and do things as well.

    At the moment I work as an assistant to special needs kids. Teaching them life skills and what not. When I grow up I'd like to not have panic attacks.

    Likes: Forest Whittaker's serious face.

    Dislikes: Overproduced beer.

    Also, I'd like to point out how difficult it was to follow the motorcycling archeological fictionist above. You can't have all the cool professions, Steve.
    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2011
    'Ello people! I figured I should finally register and contribute some of my oh-so-insightful nattering to this community after lurking so long.

    My name is Max Loy, though I actually respond faster to being called Morac. I'm 23, and just about to graduate with my degree in computer science (and a minor in philosophy). I hope to end up working in the video games industry, maybe eventually getting some of my own game ideas actualized, but once I graduate I'll be glad to settle for a job that I enjoy doing. I also occasionally write (at a really slow pace), and play far too much video games (which I try and pass off as "research"). I currently reside in Victoria, Canada, though this place is hole that I hope to escape from in the next few months. This place is so full of decrepit old people, it's depressing (and for the record: 40's and 50's are not classified as "old", I am talking 80's and 90's here).

    I have a website, which I am coding from the ground up, primarily to see if I can. It's kinda half-finished at the moment. Hopefully I can pull it together in the next month or so.

    I also have the twitter virus, for those of you that like sharing diseases.
    • CommentAuthorAndrew_H
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2011
    Hello, I'm Andrew. I've been lurking for a bit.
    I am a life-long comics fan which is how I got here. I started with the Phantom then went on to 2000 A.D. Freakangels reminds of 2000 A.D. a bit, in a way.
    I write lots of stuff but mosty i've had art criticism published. I have two neglected blogs that went into hibernation when I went on a three month project with some UK artist around the wilds of Tasmania, where I live. I'll link to them when there's some fresh content.
    I make performance and video art, moslty based around endurance and self-abuse play noise in bnad called EVIL GOAT, sometimes organise events and try to be a better cook. I think i'm going to write a masters in art theory later this year.

    a video performance of mine

    this is a video work of mine. I'm at Trial Harbour, a very isolated spot on the west coast of Tasmania.