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    Wow, first time starting the Artists' Thread!

    This is my 250th comics page since I started to treat them seriously in 2007.

    250th page

    Finished on the last day of January. Also my 23rd completed page that month. It's good to be making comics (please send packages of food before I starve, haha).
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    You, my friend, are fucking prolific.

    Here's another of my starting-art-classes-from-scratch-to-train-my-left-hand assignments. Self portrait in lines only.


    Aaaaand a self portrait in grey scale using paper.


    I can't wait until I don't feel like I'm regressing.
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    More "Is it art?" from the Geo-Economic Office:

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    PJ Harvey
    A portrait of PJ Harvey in pen & ink with watercolour
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    The Lioncorn Delivers MOC Action Figures.
    24"x18" Acrylic, glitter, fingernail polish, and printed paper on canvas.
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    William Joseph Dunn

    This February marks my end of production for the "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" animated series. I started working on B:TB&tB as one of the background painters in 2008 and about eight episodes in, I became the background paint supervisor. I plan to use this blog to do a postmortem of sorts and show a small portion of the background paintings I did for the show. I will to try to post at least one painting from every one of the 65 episodes of the series and to have a little commentary to go along with the work. Also, I am going to show some work that was never used for the show for whatever reason. Updates will be once a week until we reach the end of the series:

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    Had a quiet January of writing more than drawing. Busted this out last night though.
    i will not be beaten
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    Holy shit. Now I wish I'd not posted anything. I am immediately embarrassed by comparison.

    A Question for the Arists: I'm abandoning my more unreliable right hand and using only the (non-dominant) left in my mad notion of taking art classes. Will this, in turn, make using my right hand more skilled (assuming it doesn't crap out completely)? I've possibly got some sort of left brain damage, so I'm wondering if the right brain can pick up the art-slack? How does the sides of the brain used affect art output?
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    For one, you should not feel embarrassed. I shudder to even think what a drawing with my left hand would look like, and you should probably change the title to "A Question For the other artists ;)

    In my experience, there are two very important keys to getting better at drawing. There's the mental side of it; how do you interpret what you see and then selectively recreate it from your own perspective, and the physical element. Physically, drawing for me has been building up muscle memory and in turn confidence, which comes out in the line. I could see drawing with your left hand being VERY good for the mental aspect as its forcing you to think from the right of the page to the left (so not to smear, hope that makes sense) vs left to right with your dominant hand. I've found that most things that take you out of your comfort zone tend to be the most beneficial. Bottom line is though, the hand you use, is the hand that gets stronger.
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    @ edwin - beautiful watercolors, gotta love PJ's nose
    @ William Joseph Dunn - too bad, that was a great series, Nice paintings also must have been an amazing experience.

    @ Rachael Tyrell - (assuming it doesn't crap out completely)? I like working with both hands but I ran into a serious problem when I tried to use my non-dominant left exclusively. The left couldn't handle the work (the right has had a life time of muscle development that the left doesn't). About a month into the experiment I started getting inflamed tendons and ended up in physical therapy for 6 months. My advice is to be careful, stretching and squeeze exercises. The injury came out of almost nowhere and happened really fast, I never expected it.

    I made a bunch of these monsters using both hands, first I'd draw thin outlines really quick and scribbly with my off-left hand, then I'd work them up with thicker lines and details using my dominant right.
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    @# Rachæl Tyrell - are you referring to the "drawing with the right side of the brain" theory or are you asking about whether or not you can get proficient drawing with your opposite hand? David Passalacqua who I had as an instructor at Pratt would have us draw with our opposite hand, but thought the "drawing with the right side of the brain" theory was bullshit. the reason he had us draw with our opposite hand was that when you are doing that, you don't focus on technique, you are focusing on what you are seeing not what you think you know.

    if your asking whether or not you can proficient drawing with your opposite hand because you have to (for whatever reason) then the answer is "yes". I know personally two that have done so. also, after a stroke, Frank Frazetta learned to draw with his left hand. Frazetta doesn't count though because he was a drawing god.

    @HEY APATHY! - thanks! it's the best (and hardest) gig I have ever had. I will miss it...once I get a little rest to recover from it.
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    Desk shot:
    desk shot - kevin mellon

    and a bit of today's awesome weather:
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    @Rachæl- when I was teaching art, I always had my students work with their opposite hand at the start of each class, and had them do a lot of blind contour exercises with it.
    It served as 'the great leveler', because it put every student at the same level, and it was a great warmup tool for long drawing sessions. When I do life drawing, I find that working with my wrong hand gives me greater accuracy in terms for judging angles and exploring the negative space. Really cool portrait stuff you've been posting here lately, nice stuff :)

    Here's a bit of ink and wash fun from today - The Rhino!
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    @kevinmellon - Invisible Man story with Dracula? cool!

    that second picture makes me glad I'm not back in Jersey right now.
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    @william - Drac's only in it in that shot, it's for a backup in a friends book that'll be out this summer from Image.

    I'm in Missouri, but I lived in NJ for a few years. I can't imagine the pounding they're getting right now, ours is about at a foot already.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
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    Look what I just banged into on Project Rooftop


    C'mon Whitechapel, we can take those talented punks at Rooftop! : )
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    I'd have to forget I've seen Alex Ross' take ...
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    I've dumped a bunch of stuff from 20+ years of sketchbooks on to my flickr photostream, if you're interested in that sort of thing:

    jfk fink.jpg

    yves st laurent.jpg

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    @Coop Wow! Thats a serious treat! I remember checking out your site with buddies of mine back in 2000. Blew us away!