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    @Miranda- thanks! actually this is pretty routine, I learned how to paint as a professional street performer from 2004-2008, and have been showing in galleries since I was a student back in 2001. My website is a huge mess about to be deleted but still has a lot of stuff on it.

    Here's a video from my street painting days:

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    I've been busy building and painting furniture for our apartment for a few months now, which is why I haven't been submitting any new work here.

    Ten foot long, two foot wide table that I built as a two-person computer desk for my wife and myself -

    table 1

    table 2

    I don't keep my work space very tidy. Shut up.
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    Grease- that is amazing man! Awesome!
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    Cheers mate. That's high praise indeed :-)

    I'll post a shot of the dining table as well when I get that finished
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    People have been showing little teasers of their contributions to the Transmetropolitan Art Book, so here's mine.

    Drink Ebola Cola
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    Wow - I think every artist on Whitechapel is in this book except me! Great looking stuff being teased at, too! Looks like it's going to be a gorgeous piece for any shelf.
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    some pencil work I've been working on lately:

    Aleister Crowley (

    Vincent Price (

    ... and pastel work that I've done in the past:

    Bengal Cat (
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    @ronnietucker - damn! nice work.
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    @ Hey Apathy!: Thanks for the vid and the link - I went around your site, you've been doing impressive art! And there should definitively be more murals and ceilings with your work on them.

    Celia, one of my girls:
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    Avengers old school" alt="Old School Avengers" />Photobucket" alt="Horus lord of the sun." />Hello new here some of my drawingsPhotobucket" alt="Mindwar Bitch!" />
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    My daughter asked me to draw a mermaid - so I did! I also scanned the line art too, so she can colour hers in!
    Coloured and drawn by hand using inks and promarkers.
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    My latest Parody painting...featuring the Doctor.

    And as always, you can check out the rest of them here
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
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    @jesserubenfeld: Nighthawks is my absolute favorite painting, and I really like what you did with it. Not at all an unlikely scenario, either, considering the folks involved. Poor centurion...

    Here's what I was able to get done today for the Magician from Mars Remake/Remodel: will eventually be textured and colored, mostly as an experiment in combining the two practices (I've been focusing on grayscale tones and textures for the last few months, and need to practice my coloring skill in a bad way).

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    I love the constellation diagram! I hope you don't mind if I make a couple of suggestions though? :)

    Kai Tak's Star Diagram

    There are just a couple of minor things, but in my version above I have tried to make it easier to compare distances by duplicating the scale for each of the stars. I've also knocked down most of the text by about 75%, this is to make the piece a bit less cluttered and hopefully easier for people to parse.

    I also think it might read even better if you were to have the constellations at the top and then the distances running top to bottom underneath it. It might not be as conventional, but it would tell more of a story (here are the constellations you recognise, but did you know...?).

    What do you think?
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    Deathstroke redesign" alt="" />Deathstroke redesign.
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    Daredevil" alt="Shadowlands Daredevil" />
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    @Miranda - Beautiful work. So inventive, and those carefree lines... wonderful. Much envy & admiration bubbling your way sir.
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    Thank you so much, Neil!It's intimidating getting such compliments from you, as I'm in awe of what you're doing!
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    Wow! Awesome piece so far, Alan. Can't wait to see the final.
    Killer work Miranda, always a pleasure to see your stuff.
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    Photobucket" alt="Bitch slap!" />Photobucket" alt="Horus attacks!" />