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    page 45

    Not as successful in my mind as my previous page due to my forgetting how to draw faces but I still like bits of it.
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    @jim & @256

    Great stuff! If you are taking requests... :) about some indication of solar masses? I think Betelguese & Rigel are fooking enourmous in relation to our sun, be cool to see that visulaised perhaps?
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    Photobucket" alt="" />Photobucket" alt="Cap and bucky!" />
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    Doodledude! That is some super expressive pen work there! great action!
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    Thank you Mr Rooth and nice to meet ya!
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    I churned this out yesterday, another parody painting based on Lichtenstein's Drowning girl

    and as always, you can check out the rest here.
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    @NeilFord: Unfortunately the solar scale thing has already been done, and done pretty well: - There are a few animated versions on Youtube as well.

    Here's my take on Aquaman for the Project Rooftop redesign competition:
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    @kevin - Cheers, pal. Lovely to receive a compliment from such a talented artist! Loving yr work in the thread this month, too.
    @smileyfish - Thank you! It's just something I do for fun, but I'm always learning and... Perhaps one day.
    @jim - Cheers for the crit. Really great points there - will hopefully manage to incorporate this thinking into future pieces.
    @NeilFord - Thanx! Think I'll take a break from star stuff for a bit, but I'll have a look into the data. And if I do draw something up, you'll see it here first...
    @WilliamJoesphDunn - Amazing stuff! Will be following yr blog from now on.
    @tnperkins - That panoramic piece is great. Would love to see it as a wall-size mural. In the lobby of yr artistic Fortress Of Doom, perhaps?
    @sobreiro - that Transmet piece looks absolutely killer. Sure I'm going to be studying yr use of colour in the future.
    @Alan Tyson - that's so good already that I want to give up on my RR entry right now. Godspeed.

    Blue Trees:


    Pink Skies:

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    @256 Those are pretty sweet.
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    Photobucket" alt="Point Guardian fan art" />Photobucket" alt="Gladiator" />
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    @Rooth: Thanks!! :D It's been a while since we've seen one of yours.. any chance you'll get some new stuff up soon?
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    I thought Rockwell's Shazam! would be my favorite, but it has serious competition from Jayna.
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      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
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    @NeilFord: Every time you post something, it gets more amazing. This one is especially haunting, and looking at those textures is like rubbing a cheese grater against my eyes - in a good way!

    magician mars

    These are the lineart and tones for my take on the Magician from Mars, this weeks Remake/Remodel. The colored piece is up on the main thread, but I thought folks might get a kick out of seeing it in black and white as well.

    @256: Don't give up! You always come out swinging on those, and I can't wait to see what you have for us this week! Also, I really like the Pink Skies piece - something very Stephen King about it!
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    I like art! & I lack talent. Sue me
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    @Brendan glad you like!
    @neilford wow! love it.
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    Thanks for the encouragement fellows! :) Slapped a spot of colour on this chap... got to sleep now, was heading for bed 4 hours ago, thought I'd have a quick sketch. Le sigh...

    ...forgot to mention, a friend had asked if I would be interested in illustrating a kids book. Have you seen my work?" I said... lol.

    Andy 2
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    Lookin good everyone
    @viol8tor - talent or no, I like Ninja Fight
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
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    Man, Sobriero, I cannot wait to see your full TRANSMET piece!
    Here's my teaser that Warren posted a few days ago on the blog:
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    @neilford....bloody hell, awesome. Looks even better with colours on.