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    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2011
    Looking forward to the new Witch Finder. The last Witchfinder series is worth owning. Ben Stenbeck did the art. It adhere's to the Mignola "house style" but also very fun if you enjoyed the atmosphere of films like Sherlock Holmes and Sweeney Todd ^__^
    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2011
    ditto on Daomu #1!
    • CommentTimeFeb 4th 2011
    My local is doing a "50% off any book you've not tried before" sale on new stuff this week. Pretty neat.
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    iZen -- That's amazing!
    Wait... sorry... read that wrong... I saw "50% off any book you're not tired of"... Apparently I haven't woken up yet... But still, that's a great idea to get people to try new stuff.
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    Well this week i managed to get hold of the final episode of Northlanders "The girl in the Ice": It was a good, simple story but with an incredibly bleak ending. the artwork was lovely and it sets it up for his big "Iceland" story which will be starting after "The Hunt". Between this and DMZ, Mr Wood has to be IMHO one of the best writers of comics out there right now... as well as Mr Ellis of course.