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    So, of late I've been doing this discussion series. Early on I got some advice from some Whitechapel folks about it, and I posted the first meeting's info here a bit ago.

    This isn't about the event, except that I'm starting to get some preflight worries about it.

    I've got to lead a discussion, in a public place, about advertising, with several people in the audience who are experts on advertising and marketing. A lot of the RSVPs are people I don't know at all.

    I'm starting to feel like I'm gonna be out of my depth. I know a lot of random shit, and I'm pretty articulate, and that's usually enough, but this is the big leagues. If somebody is unhappy, or if the owner of the venue is unhappy, it could stick what I'm trying to do with my organization into the icebox for a long time yet.

    I give talks on a semi-regular basis about facts I've discovered myself, and that's hard enough. Here I've got to talk about something that I've got an armchair understanding of, but it's mostly audience-driven discussion where I'm just the guy tying it all together.

    Still, jitters. Any advice, kind folk of the Internet?
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    It's normal to feel the jitters. You'll do fine.
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    I hope your event went well :)
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    Hasn't happened yet, but I'll let you know. Tomorrow night.
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeFeb 7th 2011
    I hear ya--I've done some public speaking, both in classes and in real life, and I've done stage performances; every time I'm about to go on, I'm pacing like a mad man and feeling the need to projectile vomit. But, I usually get into it when I finally start performing or speaking, and the jitters, if still there, find a little nook in the back of my head to rest in.

    Just keep practicing, and try to keep positive. I'm sure you'll knock 'em dead. :)
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    I appreciate the support. Thanks, everyone!

    The event was last night, and it was a pretty good success from everyone's perspective. I didn't record the discussion as I'd hoped, mostly because I couldn't get the audience mic to work independently, but I'll work on making that happen for the future.

    The most important thing is that the venue owner was happy with what we did for their slowest night, so that's a big positive.

    The small amount of money we generated should allow us to get better event coordination online so that we can get a consistent turnout and build a stronger network, so I'm happy about that. I dream that one day we'll have conversations like these going on around the US and eventually the world, with my organization acting as a hub for the exchange of people's ideas and a source of support for those looking to start up discussion groups of their own.