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    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2011
    if the benchmark on the yardstick of success in society is divided by units that are increments of dollar amounts, if earthquakes are measured on richter scales as opposed to some greater seismological force that serves to be a causative agent that can move tectonic plates, if we can only see synthetic life as being successful in terms of how human it seems when humans are essentially imperfections dithered down by years of genepool pollution and wading in a soup of chemicals and noise that has blotted out our access to our own physiological development, if self-aware machines are only created to mimic our behavior and our faults, if we judge anything beyond the fourth dimension of time as only being relative or "useful" in relation to our "fixed" or "static" world when there are dimensions beyond that are fundamentally beyond our understanding, if alien intelligence is only perceived as a resource to plunder and rape and pillage the same way invaders treated the native americans, if human cloning and human clone trafficking becomes an industry rife with corruption, prostitution and forced labor without the consideration of posthuman rights, if a country's strength is only determined in the number of nuclear weapons they can manufacture, if practical fusion reactors replace incinerators only to become a dry breast for a young world with an unending appetite for energy, for power, for dominance, if superconductors intended to end the global lack of a renewable, sustainable energy supply are bought and sold to the highest bidder who will only divide and conquer people and distribute the right to a better future based on political alignment or religious following or social class or barbaric tribalism, if an extinction level event looms over the public's head but is always deemed as information to be disseminated on a need to know basis, if a viral pandemic's damage is first and foremost considered in terms of economic impact and financial implications as opposed to human suffering, if the only thing standing to reshape the world is the rising seas occurring due to polar meltdown and unavoidable storm surges....

    if all of these things are true, then any time spent thinking forward in space-time is time well spent.