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    • CommentAuthorGraizur
    • CommentTimeFeb 10th 2011
    John Byrne's Next Men # 3.

    Saw it, got really scared. Because I have been thinking about the end of the world A LOT these days what with

    And seeing that something motivated John Byrne to finish Next Men, it just seems like very end of the world type stuff. Then I saw an interview with Lorne Lanning in Electronic Gaming Monthly and it's tone was really...

    Closing Time, Sad song, acceptance of age and the ending of things.

    Warren, you are pretty smart and researched. What do you think? Is it getting obvious enough?
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    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    dunno about the next men but if Alan Moore ever decides to finish his Glory aeeiiii!!! for the hills!!!!!
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    Warren, you are pretty smart and researched. What do you think? Is it getting obvious enough?

    I have no idea what you're talking about. Possibly neither do you.
      CommentAuthorRob Bass
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2011
    Heavy week. Only sequencing for the optimum ride, I dialed up that entire Portland crew's books to lead off, completely without trying to. Didn't even realize until I put down Bendis. But led with the week's strongest entry, a reprint of two four-year old $2 singles that will melt your face every time. CASANOVA wins, but Miz's Deconnick & Rios hold it down on their end, the art switches to this scratchier sort of line than the first two issues and I don't know if it's intentional or deadline, but it's working for me, fits the riot tone, that was OSBORN, then Bendis dials up Chaykin and Deodato for NEW AVENGERS madness, I was such a fan of Immonen & Martin on that first arc and continue to be impressed by the folks tasked with following. Brubaker & Phillips turn in, again, some of their best work on the latest INCOGNITO, the telepathic synergy thing those two have going by now is about bordering on disgusting. And then Nevins smacks them back down again. That is really just one of the best values, folks, the Nevins essays that don't get reprinted backing up the BP (occasionally super) noir sickness. Three out of four of these, come to think of it. I have absolutely no problem with the $4 tag as long as they throw in backmatter half as good as what we get here. It's when they just give you 22 pages and jack up the sticker anyway. Like I don't buy THOR, UNCANNY, and Brubaker on SA, anyway. But I grit my teeth every month at the register!

    That finally gets us out of Oregon and brings us to two masters of the long-form game at opposite ends of the spectrum, Byrne on his babies and Peter David on his babies that Marvel owns. It struck me reading this issue of NEXT MEN that this is one that will definitely read better in one go, benefit from continual immersion. Whereas David and friends really do their best to pack each issue of X-FACTOR with all these reasons why you need to come back next month, and keep coming back. Of course, that's top priority on any piece of serial fiction, but with Byrne you get the sense that he's taking it at his pace (albeit a the-crazy-is-liquid-and-it's-gushing-out-of-his-ears-while-he's-making-up-this-shit kind of crazy), while the boys at Marvel put off more of the vibe of singing and dancing for their supper. I'm just paranoid about the latter getting cancelled, maybe.

    At this point in the evening, my Lone Star consumption tipped my comprehensive faculties over from Maximized Ideal Enjoyment to This Is All Happening Too Fast, and I need to go back and hit at least these again, but the impressions I woke up with of the DC closers were:

    THE UNWRITTEN #22: that this one's had fantastic momentum the entire time, but particularly since #17, and is going to be a hell of a thing to go back through in long stretches. Something about Terry Gilliam? I have no idea. That's a pretty wide net.

    FLASH #9: Johns's run here has done everything for me that his run with Wally always kind of danced around but never delivered. No surprise, he's hundreds of scripts better and Manipul was born for the job. Slag corporate work for hire big event events as you will, but I have still got the love and, given FINAL CRISIS as the pinnacle of the form, I think that the core event titles from the Big Two these year are both going to absolutely crush, particularly Fraction with those jokers from NEW AVENGERS, people aren't cringing like they should be. I don't want to know a single thing until Page One is in front of me. This book, though. Does everything it's supposed to. Fine cliffhanger.

    BATMAN & ROBIN #20: Again shocked at how much I enjoy this team, was planning to bail with Morrison but they're really keeping up the quality. The back end of the book is eclipsed by how perfectly realized the interactions are in the first scene. Tomasi digs deep.

    ADVENTURE COMICS #523: Jimenez is just a beast. Kept going by to see him at Wizard World New Orleans a couple weekends ago, and he always had like ten people crowding around, waiting for sketches or just gawking at the magic. I never even made it through close enough to see what he was drawing. I hopes it was Wolverine! Young Phil knocks this out of the park, as usual, with old man Levitz settling into yet another permutation, because why not a back door pilot to Future Teen Science Academy?
    • CommentAuthorGraizur
    • CommentTimeFeb 15th 2011 edited
    I have no idea what you're talking about. Possibly neither do you.

    Yeah I don't really know anything about astronomy, gravity or ancient and/or secret history. But I was kind of hoping that in researching for your various writing endeavors you might have formed some opinions of what a lot of people see as end of the world scenarios. Gravity influence from passing near earth objects (2000 PN9), passing brown dwarf stars (Nibiru, Planet X etc) and visitations from Ancient Space visitors (Annunaki, Nephilim etc). Also stuff like the Benver Intermational AlRqort and the S.M.A.R.T. beap underground nnilitary dases.

    PS: I have been really enjoying everything from The Authority to Black Summer to No Hero to SuperGods. It seems like these could have all been one series. If The Authority would have continued they would have eventually done what John Horus did, Become what The Front Line became in No Hero being taken down like The Authority were by Seth, which would have left the world governments with the keys to the GodMakingMachine which would lead into NewGods.

    So I have been really enjoying it.

    And I was hoping that this cool internet thing would allow, maybe for a short time, a breif and honest interaction between myself and one of my favorite writers ever about a topic that is very much at the for-front of my mind; That is the end of the world, advanced and ancient civilizations, government cover-ups and outer-space surprises.