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    • CommentTimeFeb 8th 2011
    Art by Simon Gane, colors by Dave McCaig. Warren was kind enough to post a b/w image, but here's a few color ones"

    • CommentTimeFeb 8th 2011
    awesome. Can't wait!
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    • CommentAuthorDavie
    • CommentTimeFeb 8th 2011
    Hell yes. More Northlanders is always a good thing.
    • CommentTimeFeb 9th 2011 edited
    Amazing art, I didn't knew Simon, now he's on my must-find-more-from-this-artist list.
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    Wow. That's some beautiful work. Love the color palette.
    • CommentTimeFeb 9th 2011
    Vikings are so cool. And so is Northlanders. I really like that wide shot of the longships, and like Jared, the colors. Thanks for posting these.
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    Wow! love the artwork.

    I think i just came in my pants.....
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    This is on my pull list; be picking up my copy tomorrow. As others have said, really really wonderful looking art (particularly color & scope)!
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    Splendid artwork, as we have seen this entire series from the various artists. But especially, great stories, Brian. This is so clearly a work of passion as well as brains, and the effort you've put into the historical research behind this has turned these works into something truly special.
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    Awesome cover Brian. Love the yellow.
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    As someone who took an entire course in college on "vikings", reading these it's always evident how hard you've worked to be historically accurate. Good work people.
    • CommentTimeFeb 11th 2011
    God Vikings are cool....