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    Its late. Not as late as some nights, but it feels late, because I got up early, and did more shoveling than is probably good for me, and worked, and it was very cold outside; about 6 degrees F, though apparently its risen to about 9 now. The cold saps my strength, making me rather slothy. The weather man says there is a 'storm warning' and the news and radio have been broadcasting Emergency Broadcast Warnings, which can be summarized as "STAY INSIDE YOU STUPID MONKEYS. ITS DAMN COLD! YOU WILL FREEZE", though that didn't stop people from pouring in at work.

    There have been the usual bouts of accidents- people in white SUVs who think they can do anything, driving in white out conditions, with their lights off, speeding about and wondering just why their SUV can't infact do everything, how they ended up in a ditch or in a car accident, careless drivers, bad brakes and other traditional forms of 'entertainment'. By entertainment I mean this: People will watch, but they will not help, if someone is hurt or in danger.

    There was a 20 year old guy who froze to death in some lady's front yard in the middle of day about a week ago, because no one apparently saw him, and a guy with no shoes and no shirt in the middle of winter is not a sight to make people wonder what's up or get help. Heck, I've been spun around by a 'nudge' from a speeding car while walking across a street downtown, without having any of the people who saw it happen do anything other than turn and walk in the opposite direction.

    The area is beautiful; its known for it. The snow is also beautiful. But its dangerous stuff, and you have to be careful when you're out in about, because the good sameratin doesn't exist here- I suspect he's moved someplace warmer for the season.
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeFeb 11th 2008
    Damn good sumerization of the weather warnings. :D