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    S Comics: A new site of superhero webcomics with a bend towards realism. There's two ongoing series that update weekly:

    • Laws Of Motion ~ In a world without superpowers Kate becomes one by chance. Kate gains her powers from a ring she finds, a ring anyone can wear. A ring everyone wants.

    • Hardcase ~ Hardcase was the media darling professional hero and now he's public enemy number one. This is what happens when super strength meets a mortal girl in the bedroom.

    Hardcase sample:

    Hardcase, Page 2
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    Half-Assed Commitment - it is generally about comic books. Updates Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    And for you new readers, I did a Marvel-inspired Point One jumping-on strip just last week.
      CommentAuthorRob Bass
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2011
    KID TIMEBOMB - The son of the greatest supervillain who ever lived must learn why his father detonated or suffer the same fate.

    Still tinkering with the site. Comments and criticism appreciated. Thanks for taking a look.
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    Hello guys,
    THE SECRET KNOTS continues, the latest story features a portraitist of extraordinary citizens such as:
    The Secret Knots
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    Along with the usual bits and bobs getting posted over at is this:

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    I'm always glad to see this thread.

    I'm still on Reservoir Docs and on my way to the end.

    Reservoir Docs page 41
    Reservoir Docs page 42
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    Title Page, poster for the new story
    Dressed For Success, much like Teresa Challender's Wandering Star, was a dead trees comic of the 90's. We're back with a new story about Alex Corbett and Walter Andrewkowski, the Drifter and Accountant trying to find their way in the galaxy. The new story, Mississauga Jay and the Lost Shrine of the Osars, finds them as couriers who get wrapped up in an Indiana Jones type adventure while simply trying to make a delivery. Things are heating up at this point as the story is coming to a head. But start at the beginning here.
    Page 49, Return to Sender
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    My website has a fistful of comics that I've written with my long time collaborator Horacio Lalia. Among them, our current ongoing project is RED ICE:


    And I'm launching DEATH VALLEY today.


    And THEY DO NOT DIE! is available as a paid download, but there's a nice opening chunk to whet your appetite on the site.

    Again, all can be found at:

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    I have a new webcomic to be officially released later this week (but we'll give Whitechapel a peek). It's a collaboration with artist EC Steiner called THINK OF THE CHILDREN.

    It's a 24-page, one-shot, satirical horror comic about the events leading to the original Comics Code Authority. The members of the Senate Subcommittee are secret monster hunters, seeking to destroy evil children, who they believe are corrupted by the stories of EC Comics. THINK OF THE CHILDREN is designed for print publication, with plans for a hand-made, hardbound, sculpted artifact book in mind. So that the story can reach as wide an audience as possible, we have decided to release it online for free. Comics make kids evil!

    Think of the Children, Page 10

    I also wrote a webcomic with artists Andrew Sides and Errol Rich Jr. called BORDER CROSSINGS. There are currently over 70 pages (3+ issues) of story online. I'm currently seeking a new artist to collaborate with on this creator owned project.

    BORDER CROSSINGS is a dark marine fantasy where a salvage submarine’s strange crew must redefine freedom for their drowned world. If you prefer comparisons it’s Firefly, Labyrinth and Perdido Street Station in a nautical steampunk mash-up. The story is also an allegory for the modern era of globalization.

    I am currently seeking a new artist to finish the last 44 pages of BORDER CROSSINGS. There is an opportunity for publication and the original artist has released his rights to the story, opening the door for a creator owned collaboration. If you're interested, more information is available at the site. Or you can contact me at christian [dot] sager [at] gmail [dot] com.

    Border Crossings, Issue 3, Page 13
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    A story of mine recently closed out the web based UFO Anthology over at the Ape CMX website. Go look!
    Page One!

    The anthology can be found here.

    A whole bunch of much more talented people than myself have contributed so be sure to check out the other tales on offer.
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    Spinning to Infinity has a new one-page, self-contained story of mine, with a new artist, in a new genre, every Monday and Wednesday, with a behind the scenes post on Fridays.

    A bunch of pretty spectacular artists have contributed thus far. I'm really having a blast, and I hope you check it out.

    Here's an upcoming page (not yet lettered) from Michael Dialynas that we're particularly proud of.

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    Nerdmigos by IAMO (that's me)

    Mexican nerd mayhem since 2009! (English / Español)

    Webcomics Nation (English)

    Facebook Page


    Nerdmigos: Drinking Game

    Nerdmigos: Insaneism

    Thank you, Warren!
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    Diamond Cutter by me, a sports/action comic. or click the image to go to there.

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    Just started my webcomic Henchmen for Hire

    Henchmen for Hire - by Jeff Langcaon - Page 5

    I'm a longtime fan of comics and more recently webcomics, and I wanted to try my hand at creating one of my own. The easy part is getting started. The more difficult bit is keeping it going....
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    I write a comic called Spy6teen, which was a former Zuda contestant that we decided to relaunch under our own power-- pushing for a web/digital distribution platform.

    It's a fairly mainstream/pop comic about a high school girl named Cally Calhoon, who moonlights as a super-spy. Tonally, it's a bit of a love letter to the early 2000's comics that got me back into reading: Ultimate Spider-man, Invincible, and Warren's work on Planetary/Authority-- (although, I consider us an "all-ages" book, so not quite as violent as The Authority...) We were called Joss Whedon-y in a review-- Personally, I take that as a compliment. (I leik Joss stuf)

    Here's a look at Page 1:
    Spy6teen Page 1

    And, just to show off the superhero-ness-y of it all, here's page 15:
    Page 15

    Yup. Monster Tentacles. I forgot to mention HP Lovecraft above, didn't I?
    (Not that we're Lovecraft-y...but maybe a few Interdimentional Monsters might show up...)

    We've wrapped up our first issue and recently started waving our Digital Comic flag last week. We're currently available on Graphic.Ly for 99 cents, and we've got a few other platforms in the works. Why would you pay 99 cents for a webcomic that you can get for free? Good question. I try to answer it here.

    I think we're one of the few "full team" webcomics around-- with (in my opinion) a really solid creative team. Our artist is a fellow from Hawaii named DJ Keawekane, who has done some indie work for a comic called Pono Loa. We're colored by Lisa Moore, who colors Boom's Darkwing Duck book, and lettered by Brant Fowler from Comic Related. Rounding out our cast is DJ Kirkbride, who was one of the editors for Image's Popgun anthology. (and won a friggin' Eisner!)

    Oh, and I'm the guy that runs the Comic Book Script Archive...which Warren was kind enough to link once, and nearly broke my server.

    Thanks very much for reading-- Hope you check out Spy6teen and let us know what you think!

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    Did somebody say, "webcomics"?

    If this looks like something you would read on Monday and Wednesday, you should click on the image to go to the site.
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    Jeff Parker and I have been updating our comic, Bucko, twice a week since we launched it earlier this month. It's a dick and fart joke murder mystery about a guy dubbed Bucko who is desperately trying to land a job until he's forced to run out of an interview half-way through due to an urgent case of alcohol-fueled diarrhea from the previous night's misguided case of drinking in the hopes of getting a threeway with the girl he's had a crush on for ages. In the bathroom he discovers a murdered body and as the prime suspect it is up to him, with the help of his crush, to solve the case to clear his name. ...And just maybe get that threesome after all.

    We update Tuesdays and Fridays and this story will probably take just over a year to finish. The really fun part about this comic for me, as the artist, is that Parker only gives me one page of script at a time so I'm consuming this story in the exact same speed as the rest of our readers. In order to find out what happens next, I gotta finish my current page so he'll give me the next script!
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    Gingerbread Girl page 1

    Gingerbread Girl page 2
    In anticipation of the publication of Paul Tobin’s & Colleen Coover's new original graphic novel Gingerbread Girl in May, the entire book will be available in serialized installments on Top Shelf 2.0.
    New installments are posted each Monday and Friday.

    NOTE: To read earlier installments, pull down the “See Also” menu at the top of the post.

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    I've been doing 4-5 pages a week of my ongoing webcomic Red Light Properties. RLP is a drama/horror/black comedy series about a small real estate office on Miami Beach that exorcises and sells "previously-haunted houses" to victims of foreclosure. The RLP office is run by the Tobins, a couple in the process of divorcing: Jude Tobin (above in striped shirt) is the schlubby drug-addled Jewish shaman and Cecilia is his control-freak Cuban wife who runs the business affairs, leaving him free to enter haunted houses and smoke hallucinogenic plants that let him enter the spirit world to converse with the spirits in the hopes of getting rid of them. There's also their young son Turi, stuck in the middle of the divorce, and Zoya, their perky zaftig Russian receptionist-slash-ghost-photographer whose enthusiasm for working with our shaman feeds his own ego while exacerbating an already-bad situation.

    I've done the whole first OGN already (which starts here), and am currently doing short RLP stories while fine-tuning the second OGN's script; the story currently running is called "Know Thy Enema", the first page of which is above (I've just posted the fourth ten minutes ago).

    Love to see you there, kids... and thank you Warren for giving us all this space for another month.

    ---cheers---> d!
    Dan Goldman

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    My close friend Nathan Staples and I started this comic in 2008; it's called "Tales From "The White Pony" It's intended to supply all the enjoyment of a fantasy RPG without playing one! We try to approach the writing as 'sometimes funny, sometimes serious and action-oriented' and keep it updated (mostly) twice a week.

    A recent page
    A Recent Page
    an archived page
    An Older Page

    We hope you will enjoy it and leave a comment or two (we're not opposed to constructive criticism either.) I am really into a lot of the comics I've seen posted here and intend to show some link love! I'm really excited to see what is out there.