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    Yay, it's webcomics week again. I do The Cattle Raid of Cooley, an ongoing serialised graphic novel adapting the Iron Age Irish epic. It's a war story, it's a coming of age story, it's got violence, conflicted loyalties, aging sex symbols and slightly unconvincing adolescent bravado. Unfortunately you catch me when I've just skipped two weeks due to factors beyond my control. Should be back on track on Wednesday, but there's 110 pages so far, so plenty to catch up on. Here's the most recent two pages:

      CommentAuthorHEY APATHY!
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    a bit strange for description (or publication) HEY APATHY! webcomics...

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    Photobucket" alt="UTA PAGE" />Hello Mr Ellis long time fan of your work.My comic is called Ultimate Team Africa.Written and drawn by me its a merger of comics and old school gangsta rap and blacsploitation films and american southern ebonics.You can find it on drunk duck Im not computer savvy enuff and shit to post link. I think I found link.
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    Photobucket" alt="Starfuka and Bowkill rappitate." />
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    FRIENDS 4 EVER!!!! has reached it's Seventh year.
    Oh God, who does a Sprite comic for 7 years?
    Me, apparently.
    F4E #172 - Apathy Is the Solution
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    Geoffrey D. Wessel here, once again to shameless pimp all manner of webcomic works for you lucky, lucky people to read and enjoy.

    * First off, my "main" project at the moment: KEEPER, a sports-crime thriller about an American goalkeeper who's brought talents other than footballing to England. Issue #0 is online IN FULL now, with Issue #1 due to start serialization in the VERY near future. AND we're also going to be at C2E2! In the Webcomic Pavilion, at table WC06! Come by, check us out! Written by ME, art by Jeff Simpson, letters/design by veteran British letterer/writer Jim Campbell!
    KEEPER #0 Page 1

    Phil Hester (Firebreather, The Anchor, Wonder Woman) says: "Readers of Keeper can count themselves lucky to be in on the beginning of a startlingly innovative writer's career."

    Rob Williams (Low Life, Cla$$war, Punisher: Get Castle) says: "Keeper draws you into nostalgia for those Roy Of The Rovers, Tiger and Look-In strips of your childhood and then, with a shocking twist reveals itself to be something bloodier and far more thrilling."

    See for yourself!!

    * Another webcomic I did named There Is A Light, along with John Keogh of the late lamented LUCID TV strip, will also be going back to print with a NEW COVER, also available at my table at C2E2! Thrill to the adventures of Morrissey the Barbarian!

    * Finally, I'm also a writer/editor for weekly sci-fi anthology comic Hadron Colliderscope, which it has now been announced will SOON be featuring an adaptation of a short story by none other than Whitechapel overlord Warren Ellis himself! However, it won't be me working on that one. *sniff* In the meantime, here's the first page of one of my past strips. Come on over and check it out!

    --- Geoffrey D. Wessel
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    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2011
    Yar's Revenge

    Amongst other things, Yar is the world's oldest, most famous Ukrainian. He is a real person. His character is partially based in our reality, partially in his own, and the rest is the whimsy of our invention (and of our experiences interacting with him). Hopefully its appeal will spread beyond those with intimate knowledge of Ukrainians, Slavic culture, old people, jerks, the senile, the paranoid, and the goofy. Updated every Wednesday.


    Praise be to Uncle Warren!
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    Thanks again, Warren, for the opportunity.

    Genocide Man continues rolling along. Here's a preview of the page that's going up tomorrow. Our hero wants to retire from his occupation of killing people. But when he tries to walk away, someone always drags him back in...

    Genocide Man
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    I've been making 'Shit Happens' for the last seven-and-a-bit years, minus a year off last year for good behaviour.
    I'm currently running a 'documentary' storyline about the comic: each Monday-to-Friday is a self-contained 'lost episode'; weekends I run some linking narration that make these disparate stories hang together as a whole.
    The storyline starts here, but the 'Archives' page will give you the opening of every storyline if you feel like diving in elsewhere.

    Here's the first page of last week's story:
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    WANDERING STAR is my 21 month, 20+ page each, webcomic series. It was originally published on dead trees in the 90s, and now has been revamped on the web.

    Here's a clip from the second issue:

    clip from book two

    Watch for the third issue, coming March 1st.

    Click HERE and start reading WANDERING STAR from the very beginning!
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    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2011
    Wow, It's been a few years since I've done this last. Started a new comic since then, called Parity. I would be delighted if you gave it a few minutes of your time to read; I've got 25 pages posted.

    It's a semi-autobiographical, cyberpunk story.

    Here is a sampler of some of the more titillating work.
    Page 7
    Page 8

    The site also features over 200 pages of the completed Fabricari series. Thank you.
    -Steven Charles Harrison |
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    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2011

    a webcomic about the misadventures of the denizens of the apartment complex called THE MALDEN. The current arc involves evil Platypus Burrito Restauranteur and his Cosmic Crochet Mallet carrying Chicken Sidekick (BARON BOK BOK) vs our trio of Surly Bear Peter, Crazy Penguin Casey, and Mild Mannered Gremlin Evan for burrito supremacy.

    Enter Baron Bok Bok
    I wield... GRANDE BURRITO!
    Deus Ex Machina

    Updates Mondays.
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    Thank you for the opportunity to post it here, Mr. Ellis. Hello to you and all folks viewing. Thanks for doing so-

    Shane, the writer, and I, we run a web comic called "The Terminal" and you can view it over at here at our Blogger site.

    A preview- a four page spread that comprises 2-5 of our first issue. Working through blogger at the moment, and moving content and comic to ComicPress in the near future.

    pages 2-3-4-5 Terminal 1

    Welcome to the cabaret of the hopeless,
    Playing over and over again in your very own head.

    Or Ms. Alice Wash's head at least.

    The thing about delusions is,
    Some of them might actually exist.
    Some of them could even be trying to help you.

    Or if not you, perhaps Alice Wash.
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    I have a new website since my other website is no longer active.

    More comix coming later this week.
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    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2011
    First as always, thanks to Warren for starting up this threat.

    I remain Scott Springer and I continue to write/illustrate/pimp my webcomic,Angry Faerie. It's the story of the Anger Faerie and the other mythological creatures who have to put up with her. I like to describe it at conventions as "Tinkerbell meets Dragonball (but not Dragonball Z)". Angry Faerie just had it's 1 year anniversary on 2/8/11 and has not missed any updates (and it updates monday/wednesday/friday). The format will actually be changing this week, so Monday will be the last of the 'newspaper strip' style.

    The current story involves Angry Faerie returning from the faerie realm to find that a year has passed in the human realm. She's come back with her brother, her former best friend, and a clone of Angry Faerie that her former best friend made. While certain things are being done to Angry Faerie, her clone has slipped away and encountered the lead Draugr, previously seen months ago.

    Celibate Zombies

    buck nekkid
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    Thenk yew, thenk yew. I have two on-going web-comics series.

    1. QUANTUM VIBE -- a slightly mad science-fiction story set 512 years in the future, in which a very bright (and hard-drinking) but somewhat aimless science-girl gets a job assisting a veritable mad scientist as he tours the future Solar System doing hard-to-explain things. Written and drawn by moi, with some art assistance by my son Zeke. Updates 5 days weekly.
    QV strip 39

    2. ESCAPE FROM TERRA -- now in its third year -- At the turn of the next century, intrepid adventurers and colonists establish strange new worlds in the Asteroid Belt and elsewhere in the Solar System. When not fending off The Usual Parasites from Terra, they find all manner of unique amusements, as well as dangers. Hard sci-fi in the tradition of Robert Heinlein. We are now going into an A/B story arc system with two different artists -- Lee Oaks, our original artist, and Leila Del Duca, who began as an inker for Lee but now is drawing her own strips for us. Stories by Sandy Sandfort, adapted to script form by moi.
    EFT strip
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    RotoRuner Presents: World of Rando is a webcomic about love, loss, and lunacy. The characters are on a journey to reclaim their lost memories and regain the world that exists on the edge of their memory.
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    I've mentioned this one here before, but it's still ongoing, so I'll mention it again.

    Agents of the Round Table is the story of secret agent magic-users searching for Excalibur in Nazi-occupied America.

    Agents of the Round Table - page 3

    My other webcomics are available here.
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    HEAT: The Space Age of Pro Wrestling follows rookie grappler Dick the Bastard as he learns the ropes from embittered former Galactic Champion, Mad Doc Crockett. Wrestling's status as the most popular bloodsport in the 31st century has turned the prison system into a factory designed to pump out new talent, and if Dick the Bastard wants to get himself out of the slammer and into the big leagues, he and Doc are going to have to crack a lot of skulls.

    Year two began recently, which will be mostly focused on the Super Max Challenge Cup tournament, which just might be Dick the Bastard's ticket out of jail.

    Thanks once again to Mr. Ellis for the glorious shilling opportunity.

    HEAT 55: Special Man Pain
    HEAT 55

    HEAT 103: A Chiropractor's Wet Dream
    HEAT 103
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    1-pager my dogg and I did for a laugh. The premise is, "What would a 90's action comic look like if they were suitable for publication through Fantagraphics?"

    WORDS: Timothy Eubanks ART: Sarah Seloske

    We have some awesome stuff in the works right now, but no webpage yet. We're at the exciting beginning times.

    Thanks for doing this, Warren! Good show, all! Yar's Revenge turned me into a knee-slappin' fool!