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    Bits. I said bits.

    I just realised we haven't done one of these threads in three years!

    People have reminded me that that bullshit Valentine's Day is coming up. My first love was science fiction and the weird. So this week we shall do this.

    I know there are a bunch of novelists in the field circulating around here. Time for a roll call on Whitechapel. Show yourselves, tell me what you do, provide links to work and information and purchasing where possible. Say hello.

    DO NOT just post huge chunks of your fiction, as many offenders (usually people who were not actually being paid to write books) did last time. Those will be edited out and your accounts here will be disabled.


    -- W
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2011
    Hi, I am showing myself as the degenerate scum I am.

    My name's Pete. I mostly do the bleak, allegorical, speculative thing, but I stride into the fucked-up and sci-fi on occasion.

    Here's a fucked up story.

    Here's a load more. It's a new site, and writing for me is a relatively new endeavour. I'd appreciate your thoughts, if you've the time.
    • CommentAuthorBrandG
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2011
    I'm Brand Gamblin. Sci-Fi novelist. Just finished my third book.

    "Tumbler" is a Heinlein-esqe story about a girl who seeks her fortune mining the asteroid field. Cover art by Cheyenne Wright, the Hugo-Award winning colorist for Girl Genius. It's available on Amazon (e-book 2.99USD, p-book 7.15USD) here
    Tumbler Cover Art

    My second book is a steampunk adventure treatment of George Orwell's "1984", called "1884". It's a cross between Orwell and Verne. I'm currently in negotiations with the Orwell estate over publishing rights.

    My third novel is called "The Hidden Institute". It's the story of a boy living in a neo-Victorian world, who enrolls in a forbidden school that trains commoners to blend in with the nobility. It's a little Harry Potter, and a little Henry Higgins. "The Hidden Institute" should be coming out in podiobook, e-book, and p-book format in the next few months.

    For more information, check Thanks for this opportunity.
    • CommentAuthorbraak
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2011
    Oh. Hey, well, my name's Chris Braak. I've got a couple books out with super-micro imprint Threat Quality Press. The Translated Man and Mr. Stitch, are kind of weird steampunky Lovecraftian crime(?) fiction. I'm not good at staying in genre, actually.

    Here is the TQP store, where you can also find other exciting books!

    Presumably, astute readers are unwilling to buy books without knowing whether or not they're any good, so here is a link to all of the short stories that I have made available for free on Threat Quality. Assess and judge, accordingly.

    Not quite as great as all the real novelists out there, I guess, in the sense that I don't get paid very much to write books. But beer money is beer money.
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    But beer money is beer money.

    Hell yes.
    • CommentAuthorjohnmierau
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2011
    Let the whorish pimping begin!

    I'm John Mierau. My writing ranges from minorly to massively messed.

    Recent fiction features alien mind control vomit (ENEMY LINES) and burnout futurewar vets in peacetime, tying to keep their own from snuffing one'a the bug-eyed monsters they spent a decade exterminating... at least until it explains why it's using their dead lietenant's name as its own (LAST MAN HOME).

    I also write about demons, vampires running nigerian investment scams, and stuff that's even more messed. You can read it or listen to free audiobook podcasts of it at

    LASTMAN cover   ENEMY LINES cover
    • CommentAuthorByrne
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2011 edited
    Hi there. My name's Brendan Byrne. I write SF stories, four of which have been published in Rudy Rucker's awesome webzine FLURB. I've written one SF novel which is currently nesting in various slush piles, fermenting. I also review fiction, often SF, for rags like The Brooklyn Rail.

    Here's a link to my most recent story at FLURB, Wasps/Spiders. It concerns new-wave VR, drone violence in Pakistan, and the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993.

    Here's a link to The Loa and the Gaping Jaw, which was listed as "recommended reading" in Best American Fantasy 2008. It's an attack on the traditional zombie story.

    I also edit The Orphan, a webzine of otherwise-unpublishable fiction and art, which publishes SF in every issue. Here's a link to one of my favorite pieces, an incomplete SF story by the incomparable Madeline Ashby, with art by Molly Crabapple.
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    My name's Ian Pattinson. I bounce around the genres, but I've written some near future SF.

    Mia in the Snow is a recent short story, available for free on my blog. It's an attempt to do a climate changed future without being all doom and gloom.

    Sounds of Soldiers is a travelogue through one city after a war started by a Palin-like President who saw imaginary enemies everywhere. It's not a post-apocalypse tale, more an examination of good old British make-do-and-mend after the global balance of power changes completely. It's available in paperback from, for the Kindle from Amazon UK or Amazon US and for most other ereaders through Smashwords. There's a good sized chunk of the story available as a preview from Smashwords if you want to try before you buy.

    My current work-in-progress is a horror/action comedy which plays with some of the conventions of 80s slasher films and I'm planning a crime tale with multiple, hyperlinked strands that should work best online or in ereaders.
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2011
    Hi, I'm Wil Wheaton. I write narrative non-fiction, and I play various bad people inside the magic talking box.

    I've always wanted to write fiction, but I've been intimidated by the whole idea. Recently, I decided to suck up my fears, and I published a very short collection of very short stories called The Day After and Other Stories. It was very well-received, and nobody complained about paying for it, so when I wrote another short sci-fi story, Hunter, I released it as a pay-what-you-want (yes, even zero) downloadable ebook in three DRM-free formats.

    So far, the experiment has paid off - literally. I've earned way more than I would have if I'd sold it to a magazine, one to three bucks at a time. It's been downloaded (and hopefully read) a few thousand times, and I've heard a lot of positive feedback from readers, many of them asking me to expand the story so they can see more of the world. That's pretty awesome.

    Anyway, thanks for the opportunity to pimp my stuff without feeling gross, Warren.
    • CommentAuthormalart
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2011
    Hello Warren

    Lets have some poetry............

    I write because i have nothing else.

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    I'm Tade Thompson.

    I write supernatural fiction.

    Short story here

    I'm in the second volume of the Apex Book of World Science Fiction which is out in May 2011.

    I'm second drafting a novel called Dogcatcher right now.

    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2011
    I'm Caitlin Kittredge. I'm a human female who makes my living writing books about weird stuff and angry werewolves. I've written 9 speculative fiction novels for grown-ups and one for "young adults", a book called THE IRON THORN that I can best describe as H.P. Lovecraft meets the Red Scare meets a WB Yeats-based acid trip. The marketing people at Random House decided it's that "steampunk" the kids like so much, so there's that.

    You can peruse my various book-shaped goodies here or anywhere else online or in vaguely itchy real life where books are sold

    I also have a website where I sometimes pollute the web with my thoughts on Batman or pictures of my cats. If you're catatonic, the shiny front page will offer hours of entertainment. If not, I do occasionally talk about writing, too.
    • CommentAuthorDDBarant
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2011
    Hey. DD Barant here. I've published SF, thrillers, media tie-in novels and horror. My current series is THE BLOODHOUND FILES, which is an alternate history police-procedural serial killer thriller action comedy kitchen sink thing, cleverly disguised as an urban fantasy. It has film noir golems, ninja vampires, wise guy werewolves, cannibal bikers, monsters from the Lovecraft Mythos (Shub-Niggerath, for those who care), a dog who can make coffee and Filipino stick fighting. Also, there are jokes.
    I should also mention that the second volume, DEATH BLOWS, is centered around comics. Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, and the use of comics as a magic system figure heavily. There are appearances by a vampire version of Neil Gaiman and possibly even mention of a certain Mr. Ellis. People die in horrible ways, some of them inspired by the old Batman TV show. The first volume is DYING BITES and the most recent is KILLING ROCKS. Available on Amazon and wherever fine crap is sold.
    • CommentAuthorAnarchicQ
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2011
    I am Q, an aspiring writer of the just-slightly-off. I love to play in dystopias.
    I have a lot of stories frittering half finished in my systems, both mechanical (Laptop) and flesh (Brainmeats).
    Some little snippits can be found in my blog for public consumption.
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2011
    /waves to DD

    Hey to a fellow SMP author!
    • CommentAuthorDDBarant
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2011
    /waves back

    Hey, yourself! You got Monique as an editor, too? She rocks HARD.
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2011
    No, mine is Rose H., but I love Monique. She's awesome.
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    Hi, my name is Jason and I've written a book for Actionopolis/Agent of D.A.N.G.E.R. called Evolver which you can buy for Kindle or Nook, whichever you like. I'm working on another one for them, too. This is my first paid work.

    If nothing else, I'm having fun writing from the concepts I've been given. Learning a lot, too. Thanks for letting me tell you about it.
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    There is no better bloody Valentine for your beloved than this far-future, post-apocalyptic romp with a bounty hunter of questionable ethics hacking off heads in a world at perpetual war.

    But then, I wrote it, so I'm a little biased:

    God's War by Kameron Hurley

    Blood, bugs, and brutal women: the best things in life.

    Available here. Cool stuff (including a trailer) for the book can be had at
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2011

    I just finished your book God's War about a week and change ago. Picked it up after I saw it pimped on Scalzi's site.

    It was not an easy book to read, as in it was a story about harsh people in a brutal environment and reading about such things is never easy, but it was really good and I was super-intrigued by the bugtech; I liked that a lot.