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    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2011
    And is incapable of basic html on here. DIES.
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    ...oh yeah, there's that other Tumblr I curate, about the (admittedly optimistic) idea of Citizen Internet...
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    ComBAT BROdom

    Mostly to reblog stuff I like or yell at my friends in all caps. Sometimes to pimp my stuff.
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    Mine pretty much just re-blogs my main site.
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     (9544.6) - i've embraced tumblr here.
    i needed a change of platform and its doing the job nicely.
    i'm pretty relentless/single minded here - its an art blog and solidly and art blog.
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    I use mine pretty heavily as an aggregator of all the things I'm looking at/would like to look at around the net. (And tiny hints and picture of my activities IRL)
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    I post my paintings on mine:
    Secret Cinnamon Squad
    Please follow me. I only post a couple of times a month.
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    Honestly I have too many online spaces. I have two spaces on tumblr:

    Twist's Corner which is here is random stuff. Links I find, images I like, a lot of reblogging and occasional musings and rantings. I'm trying to cut back on the ranting bit, but its HAAAAARD.

    I also have The Boneyard. The Boneyard is solely for my completed art and project notes and sketches, may have some additional research bits added later. Right now its severely neglected, with a whole 4 posts up, because uni is eating my creative time and brain space badly. Should be resolved soon.
      CommentAuthorLance Sells
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    I started this after the whole ass-rape incident: The King's Weakness
    • CommentTimeFeb 15th 2011
    I will systematically add you all to my newly devirginized tumblr as people I follow next time I am awake and bored behind my keys. Seeing as that mine is anonymous so that people in my life don't recognize that I think they suck at living, I will not share the link here. :D

    I have no tact. :D
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    Which basically aggregates my Twitter, blog, and Flickr accounts.
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    Re-blogs, photos, music videos, the occasional mix... going to start using it more to push my music too, but basically its a braindump that feeds Twitter and Facebook, and is in turn fed by the Weaponizer blog. Mmmm. And now I'm hungry...
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    Generally I post screenshots and quotes from the movies I'm watching. At the beginning of the month I'll do a minirecap-review of what I saw the previous month, and maybe one or two special movie related posts/reviews. Occasionally I'll post links or quotes to various things that currently amuse me, but mostly I try to keep it as a film blog. Or pictures of my cats. You know how the internet is.

    Always Crashing in the Same Car
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    ~~~~~ Naked Girls // Self Portraits ~~~~~
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     (9544.16) is the name of mine. It's was at first a link dump but then became something more random. It's got bits of my writing and art and videos and other such stuff.
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    • CommentTimeFeb 16th 2011
    Travel Photography, Documentary, Ephemera, and Words
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    Yup--just added a whole shitload of people.

    EDIT: Shit, I thought I'd put mine down. December Paladin.
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    I had one of these for a bit but it lapsed, think I was following too many spammers and I overloaded. Then I lost the pw for the email it was hooked to, yadda yadda - anyway: back on again.
    it sorta describes itself.

    lots of cool links in this thread.
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    Both of these are so new they squeak, but here's my latest pet project:

    Fuck Yeah Lady Writers - Send us your submissions! I am the Content Manager (for whatever all that's worth). We want everything you've got and then some. We want your cigarettes and your morals, your petty kindnesses, the long of your short and everything in between. Insolong as it pertains to female writers in a positive/inspiring/supportive manner, we want it. Novelists, playwrights, comics, poets, screenwriters, etc et al. We don't care if you're male so long as whatever you're submitting is relevant to the mission of the blog and, so you know, we define "ladies" as anyone who identifies as being female. Read the About. Get involved.

    And, right. My place to put pretties is Match Strikes. Almost nothing there yet.