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    I have to admit, I have no sodding idea what Tumblr is for (other than Marissa Mayer's massive porn stash). So I just use it for instagram pics. If anyone wants to explain it to me, that'd be lovely. You don't have to though.
    • CommentTimeJun 29th 2013
    I've been keeping 2 tumblrs lately:

    1) fluxraptor - I like this one best. It is just a collection of images reblogged or shared from places that I want to keep in my head for creative purposes. I love scrolling through this and absorbing. Adding to it is kind of like absentmindedly grazing the web and is very relaxing.

    2) oddblr (originals) - this one has only original work by me. Its less cool than fluxraptor.
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    ├×ETTA REDDAST... - Mostly an image and info dump of sorts. A place for my digital flotsam...
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    Bumping this because I am on the tumblrs now: Is my more active one, where I post gamedev stuff. I'm trying to do daily 30ish second videos of my current project's progress, and then at the end of the week I compile those into a longer Youtube video. Is the other one, which I only use for liking and occasional re-blogs.
    • CommentTimeMar 13th 2015
    Fawn Fawn Roo
    Started anew as a form of Moving On from those who have hurt me. My old one was was RIFE with friends I made through my former best friend, and he was reblogged a dozen times a day. It hurt just to look at the account.

    So I made that one. I'm attempting to fill it with just my stuff, but I succumb to boredom reblogging on occasion.

    @oddbill - having two is a good idea. One just for my work, and one just for reblogs :)