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  1.  (9544.101) is where I post all the things that catch my eye on the interweb.
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    Weird. I thought I'd posted this already:

    Sudden, violent endings.
    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2011
    My tumblr is here:
    I mostly post images by me and images by others that have turned my head.

    You're welcome to watch me any time.
      CommentAuthorMild Maynyrd
    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2011 edited
    I'm not sure what I'm doing with this, but I've just started a Sonny Wilkins Tumblr. Less bloggy, more experience and folklore from post-overdose beyond the grave. I'm trying to let Him speak directly through me with this. No links, no pretty pictures, no pseudo reviews... just pure legend. Call it the dark brother of The Sonny Wilkins Chronicle. Call it what you will.

    I'm calling it DEAD TRUMPETS. Follow me if you'd like.
    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2011
    Character models from Games, Movies, TV, Toys and Comics

    I have a few more should I list them all? ( the pertinent ones )
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    Mine is

    Mostly a mashup from my blog and some other sources, except the Tumbler's sucky "remember to log in or we'll cut your feeds without warning" system keeps knocking stuff off the air.
    • CommentAuthorLahrenx
    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2011 edited
    Ive been with the addiction over a year as TUMBLR kindly informed me.
    Comics, aliens, traveling ,oddities. And figuring life out in your mid twenties.

    Fuled by whisky
    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2011
    Random Inspiration mostly photos and illustrations that I find beautiful, all shared with my 1000+ followers on twitter, including occasional twitter only commentary. Feel free to submit anything you think I might like.

    I also keep my mobile photography at And it's all for sale.

    And if you'd like to do me a huge favor, post something from in your tumblrs. I staunchly [perhaps stupidly] refuse to post my own work in my inspiration blog, and it gives me warm fuzzies when I see it posted by others.
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    Let us go then, motherfucker

    Consisting mainly of punk rock songs and quotes from books I'm reading with the occasional original writing.
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    Smudgy little bitch

    I've only recently started using tumblr so I don't have many friends on there. Smudgy Little bitch is an art blog where I can post my profession and.... not so profession drawings and doodles.
    • CommentTimeFeb 25th 2011
    This is me: G.D. Batbitch. I haven't done anything with it in a while, but I've been on a sabbatical from blogging for a while now and I'm feeling the itch again.

    That could just be the pants I'm wearing though.
    • CommentAuthorrichwilson
    • CommentTimeFeb 25th 2011
    Jesus, just found so many good tumblr's from everyone here. Some really interesting stuff, good words, pictures and ideas. Great work Whitechapelers.

    My words, fiction and other shit here
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    Dies Discordia

    I use my tumblr as an oldschool personal/general-purpose blog, only with the aim to keep everything concise and direct.
    I don't reblog much, only if it is too damn amazing not too. All the lovely image tumblrs I adore I run through google reader.

    Tumblr has also pretty much replaced my twitter, as all my tumblr posts automatically post to twitter (which I'm sure annoys some of my twitter friends, sorry) things I used to post on twitter I just tumbl now. It's also good for posting the things you'd like to post on facebook, but can't deal with the hassle it would cause.
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    These are really great links. Thanks, guys.
    • CommentAuthormushi
    • CommentTimeFeb 27th 2011 edited
    • CommentTimeFeb 27th 2011 edited
    AtomicSloth: Which layout are you using, that sidebar looks really handy and I've been looking for something like that.

    EDIT: Asking the right person now...
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    Oh yes... I "tumbled" the only ten pages of a comic project I was doing with a friend before financial considerations killed the project.

    It'll probably never be updated again, but I figure some of you may like the small amount of comic you see and want to say nice things about it.

    Or bad things. It's up to you.
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    It's just the basic default tumblr theme with the settings messed around with. For the sidebar there's a and flickr widget pasted into the description box on the info tab in customisation.
    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2011 edited

    Mostly just links and occasionally funny pictures, I'm kind of getting sick of Tumblr as an online community to be honest. It's an interesting webtool, but the semi-regular crashing and rabid dreamwidth/LJ-esque "fan" communities on there irritate me.
    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2011
    I just set one up yesterday, actually, right here, which I'm calling the basement of my regular blog - for posting pictures, links, random thoughts, etc. that don't need an entire blog post (though looking at my blog, one could argue that nothing on there needs a post, ha). There's not much there yet, but I plan on trying to keep it pretty well updated.

    Also, I've added a bunch of you after going through this thread. Good work.