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    Has anyone been following the community project to build a Robocop statue in Detroit? I have some friends from the old country (Detroit) involved and w/ backing from Imagination Station I'm pretty excited for it.

    There is the feeling that the statue is a little silly but the groups and people involved also seem to be using the media blitz to draw attention to Detroit's other problems. (Lack of public transport for one. D-town has a forum soon for a proposed light rail system.) But on the other hand the DIY people behind this have done pretty amazing things in the past and are soliciting matching grants paired with Detroit Pub Schools.

    I'll be in Detroit to visit some friends and play a OMG FREE 90s TECHNO DANCE PARTY and look forward to talking more with the people involved in this project.
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    Oh and the sculptor for the statue has been involved w/ Matthew Barney as well An article on the Barney show in Artforum
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    I just heard about this and think it's fucking awesome, no way around it. I went to Japan for my honeymoon and saw the 13-foot tall bronze Gundam statue and thought, "Man, America will never have anything this awesome." And now we will!

    It's reached about half of it's funding goal in 4 days with 38 days left to go...there's no way it's not getting funded. Their goal is $50,000 but, god willing, they'll end up with $100,000 or more.

    I wish them all the best and, yes, I hope they take the opportunity to also bring some attention to the issues Detroit is facing.
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    I just heard about it the other day, I hope they're able to raise enough money. Wish I had some I could donate :o
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    and they hit 50k last night Free Press Article
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    Yea I heard they have enough now to do it thanks to an anonymous donor who gave 25k (My guess its the movie studio),

    I've never been to America, but I have meet people from Detroit and my first reaction is always to ask them about Robocop!!
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    I'm pro Robocop statues without a doubt, just as I was pro The Fonze statue in Milwaukee, ehhhh!
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    And they're getting their statue.
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    everytime someone tells me about this i think of you #whitechapelbromance
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    Awww bromance.

    I've known some of the people involved in this since high school and i look forward to them unveiling the other community outreach projects they have planned.

    Oh yeah and if anyone shows at that party i linked above from Whitechapel give me a hollar. I'll be running around w/ a paul pope jacket on generally making a racket.