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    recent stuff
    CEREMONY (fast and dark 80s -ish, i listen to them more than anything right now)
    CANCER KIDS (violence fast, pissed, funny and sarcastic)
    DANGERS (metalcore with lyrics about actual life instead of being straight edge or some other nonsense)
    WALLS (mid tempo, twisted and ugly)
    IRON LUNG (power violence, medical themed face smashing)
    ELDERS (az hardcore punk)
    SEX PRISONER (az powerviolence/mosh core hybrid)
    VACCINE (straight edge as fuck, fast as all hell, crushing and intense)
    MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD (modern standard bearers of NYC style)
    VEINS (6 songs in 6 mnutes, like FAILURES with the singer of VOID)
    FAILURES (see above, except with mark mccoy singing)
    The Falcon/LAWRENCE ARMS (share members, pop punk about drinkin and being melancholy)
    BANNER PILOT (also)
    RINGERS (the lawrence arms)
    ARRIVALS ( 'we are like punk kids writing elvis costello songs while listening to the who')
    CONVERGE (crrrrrrushing intensity, especially AXE TO FALL)
    AMPERE (chaos violence explosion party)
    COMBATWOUNDEDVETERAN (even more chaotic and frenzied)

    so theres the first 30 seconds of stuff i thought of
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    HI JOE!

    Ok, shit just got serious...
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    and not so recent (THE SPECIAL ALL BRUTALITY LIST)
    and bow to the throne of the almighty THREATENER

    (i dont think any of these bands has a song longer than 1 minute)( for the uninformed, power violence is everything you love about punk and metal, smashed together)

    ( i tried to stick with relatively newer/lesser known stuff. no offense to anyone trying to be helpful, but i didnt think i needed to inform anyone on whitechapel of the ramones or dead milkmen...i assume we know those) (because we are all so awesome)

    oh and also, the best (and most prolific) pop punk band of all time, the mighty J CHURCH (rip, lance). i would suggest starting with their later output, THE HORROR OF LIFE or SOCIETY IS A CARNIVOROUS FLOWER. i help because they have like 12 full lengths and nearly 75 7"s, so it can be a confusing mess. and because i love them so goddamn much.
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    Ooh, got another one that's just on the edge of qualifying: Stolen Babies. They're like anachronistic-spooky-punk or something, w/ a female lead singer that screams and plays the accordion.
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    this is slowly becoming my retroactive favorite 7" of last year.
    TALK IS POISON 'rage to infinity'

    and here is everything THREATENER ever recorded, so that you cant blame laziness for not subjecting yourself to the harsh inevetibility of The Hammering The Fastening and The Bending of the Throats, their 3 part powerviolence masterpiece
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    Ooh, got another one that's just on the edge of qualifying: Stolen Babies. They're like anachronistic-spooky-punk or something, w/ a female lead singer that screams and plays the accordion.

    Ooh, I knew I'd forgotten something. Stolen Babies are great, and their drummer filled in with Dillinger Escape Plan when the founding drummer left. He's a great drummer, but I don't think he really pushes himself with SB. Hoping he gets to bust out some craziness on the upcoming SB album.

    Also - sort of punk, but also just dirty rock with a great sense of humour/weirdness - Future of the Left. Ex-Mclusky members, (who is also worth checking out) but I actually prefer Future.
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    It isn't new by any means, but the Slayer / Anthrax / Megadeth / Metallica dvd set from their show in Bulgaria last summer is a great value.
    Dark Tranquillity's We Are the Void and Nevermore's Obsidian Conspiracy were strong as always. Warrel Dane's solo effort is also highly recommended.
    Jon Oliva's Pain Festival retains the strong Savatage feel he always has
    I went on a binge of all the Poisonblack albums not having realized that there was a spiritual successor to Sentenced out there. Escapextasy and Dead Heavy Day are recommended.
    Jon Schafer of Iced Earth released a side project called Sons of Liberty ... just don't pay attention to the right-wing lyrics. I bought Pyramaze's Immortal based on Matt Barlow's connection (subsequently jumping back to IE) and was not disappointed.
    Týr was another recent discovery (and subsequent binge). Superb viking metal. 2009's By the Light of the Northern Star is recommended. Notable side project Heljareyga
    Lacuna Coil's 2009 Shallow Life was a high point.
    Candelmass' Death Magic Doom wasn't quite as strong as their previous self-titled album and King of the Grey Islands.
    For progressive metal, you can't really go wrong with any of Arjen Lucassen's various endeavors - Ayreon, Star One, Guilt Machine
    Grave Digger is still releasing strong power metal albums. Their latest Clans Will Rise Again had 4-5 very strong tracks.
    Avantasia released two albums last year following up on their excellent 2008 Scarecrow.
    Blind Guardian's latest last year was better than their last few

    Warrel Dane
    Grave Digger
    Lacuna Coil
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    I don't have much metal and my punk is all over the punk scale, but lemme see. orright, what do I have that's loud and angry, hmm... Alexisonfire, Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance... The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are occasionally angry... a couple of amazing local bands I shan't rec because your shipping for their CDs would be exorbitant and I can't even find decent youtubes of them... (seriously, it's depressing. they are so good, and yet too poor for music videos. ;_; but hey, you probably have the equivalent where you live! you should go to some random punk shows till you find some you like! on the bright side, obscure local bands tend to have cheap gigs :3)

    probably the most Punk punk band I like would be The Matches, which are sadly defunct although apparently the lead singer is now in a new band which I need to check out. I definitely reccommend obtaining these dudes' back catalogue though, even if you can't go to shows anymore.

    one of my favourite bands is The Mountain Goats, and their stuff is highly variable in tone and style, and not necessarily loud (although Darnielle fucking belts it out in concert, his manic grin kind of doesn't translate into recordings :P), but when they get angry, they get angry. I mean:

    (fucking love that song, I wrote a whole essay about it second year of uni and according to I played it about eighty times in one week and I still didn't get sick of it)

    Then there is The Receiving End Of Sirens, who, despite having a wanky name, are pretty good and definitely loud:

    I kind of assume you already know about the dresden dolls/amanda palmer but for completeness sake I'll leave this here too

    and Brand New's most recent album, Daisy, is pretty angry (all their songs HAVE LOTS OF FEELINGS, OKAY but their earlier stuff is less RARRR about it)

    actually some of the last album is pretty angry too, it's a bit transitional:

    Oh shit, and how could I forget Sleater-Kinney? Have some sleater-kinney. <3

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    If we are going bands from Eugene Or.

    and now the rest

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    Some classics:

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    Some lovely local bands.








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    Hoorah! Awesome stuff so far. Here's some of my favourite gems not yet mentioned;




    Black Breath

    The Bronx

    Dub Trio


    Zach Hill and Carson McWhirter
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    Anything off of Into Eternity's album 'Buried in Oblivion'!!!

    Wait for this one, it's get's crazy. Don't let the start throw you off.
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    Can't believe I forgot this one. Got me through some hard times.

    Silverfish - Fuckin' Strange Way to Get Attention

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    Nice suggestions in this thread, and I'll more than actively second Lamp Commander's suggestion of Cult of Luna.
    For something relatively brutal:
    Fuck the Facts

    Wild Dögs

    Admiral Angry

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    fuck the facts is solid
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    Seriously, guys. I noticed a STRONG DEFICIENCY that needs to be corrected.

    Scottish Pirate Metal.
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    Lots of good stuff posted here, if you want to check out a great Canadian punk band from Victoria (my hometown):

    Nomeansno. They've been mentioned once already. Check em.
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    I won't waste too much time arguing/agreeing. But I will add this, if you have the right ear/stomach for some prog metal check out Ron Jarzombek's band, Blotted Science: