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    Off the top of my head

    Black Metal

    ANAAL NATHRAKH (Early stuff is exceedingly raw and vicious, later stuff is still exceedingly vicious but much less raw. Recommended songs - Pandemonic Hyperblast (early), More of Fire Than Blood (late))
    ASH POOL (Raw / lo-fi black metal. WARNING: Lyrical themes are apparently "sexual domination" and "dark sexuality", in case you find that offensive. Recommended song - The Sin of Nature is the Sign of God)
    BONE AWL (Extremely raw and lo-fi black metal, veering towards noise in places. Not for everyone. Try the album Meaningless Leaning Mess)
    DEATHSPELL OMEGA (Progressive black metal from France. More an album band, definitely listen to Paracletus, if you like that then the other two albums in the trilogy)
    WINTERFYLLETH (Slightly folky black metal from the UK. Recommended song - The Fields of Reckoning)

    Doom Metal / Stoner Rock
    EARTH (Classic doom band, their recent output has been almost... uplifting. Which sounds weird for a doom band, but it works very well. Recommended album - Bees Made Honey in the Lions Skull)
    SLEEP (Yet another classic band. The songs tend towards the *ahem* lengthier end of the spectrum. Recommended songs - start with something off one of the earlier albums, but if you're feeling brave give Dopesmoker (just over 1 hour long) a spin.)
    SUNN O))) (Extreme doom. Recommended albums - 00Void if you want to feel the bass slowly crush you, Black One if you want doom with exceedingly scary black metal vocals, Monoliths and Dimensions if you want something haunting and beautiful)
    THORRS HAMMER (Early project from one of the guys behind Sunn O))). Seriously impressive throaty vocals from the (then) 17-year old female vocalist. Recommended song - Norge)


    Note: no descriptions here, grindcore either gives me "the thrill" or it doesn't, and I find it hard to analyse why. Here's some which does.

    AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED (Recommended song - Dead Battery)
    FILTHY CHRISTIANS (Recommended song - Zombie Holocaust)
    INSECT WARFARE (Recommended song - Amphetamine Psychosis)
    MISTRESS (Recommended songs - Kunt, Why Don't You Just Fuck Off?)
    NAPALM DEATH (Recommended album - Scum)

    Thrash Metal

    BLOOD TSUNAMI (Superb blackened thrash. Fast and fucking vicious. Recommended song - Laid to Waste)
    GAMA BOMB (Thrash with a kind of schlocky horror vibe. Fast and furious. Recommended song - Zombie Blood Nightmare)
    MUNICIPAL WASTE (Dumb as shit thrash metal, great for partying. Recommended song - The Art of Partying)
    SLAYER (Don't think I can say anything about Slayer that hasn't already been said. Recommended song(s) - Blood Red / Spirit in Black / Expendable Youth / basically everything off Seasons in the Abyss)

    Cross-genre / Unclassifiable / Just a bit fucking weird
    AKERCOCKE (Extreme metal with elements of electronic and world music. Choronzon is probably their strongest album. Recommended song - Son of the Morning)
    THE BERZERKER (Superfast death metal with gabber-esque drum machines. Recommended song - No One Wins)
    BONG-RA (Jungle / breakcore artist who experimented with metal sounds on the EP "Grindkrusher" and the album "Full Metal Racket". Recommended song - Bloody Cenotaph)
    THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN (Post-hardcore / mathcore / screamo. You can completely ignore the last two albums, but the EP featuring Mike Patton on vocals is mandatory. Recommended song - When Good Dogs Do Bad Things)
    DRUMCORPS (Breakcore constructed out of samples from death metal and grindcore songs. More recent stuff sounds like he's recording the guitars himself this time. Recommended songs - Pig Destroyer Destroyer (old stuff), Headstrong and Heartfoolish (new stuff))
    GNAW THEIR TONGUES (Post-black metal, perhaps?. Noisy soundscapes with agonised vocals. Again, hard to recommend an indivual song, they have some free stuff on their bandcamp)
    MELT-BANANA (Punk? Fastcore? Noise Rock? Demented guitar noise and high-pitched vocals. Recommended song - Chain-Shot to Have Some Fun)
    YAKUZA (Progressive metal with a saxophonist. Incorporates elements of jazz and world music. Recommended song - Farewell to the Flesh)

    Here is a spotify playlist containing as much of the above as I could find. Apologies to all for the wall of the text.
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    how did i forget neurosis and ministry?
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    Ok, I see almost everything has been mentioned already, so let's go for something slightly more obscure.



    And the king of Icelandic metal:
    Jón Leifs

    And for (old school) punk and hardcore:

    Velikije Luki

    Último Resorte
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    Oh man, you opened up the cursed gates of the Whitechapel metal nerds. I'll second most of what's been suggested here, and leave a few links to my 8tracks mixes where you can hear some of my favorites.


    Southern Sludge Metal

    Scandinavian Black Metal

    Death Metal

    Doom Metal


    Gainesville/No Idea Records Style Punk

    Oi! Punk
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    BiG MiSTAKE -- Punk'n'funk'n'metal
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    Christ, it's only been what? 6-7 hours? And we're already at page 2. I have SO much to go through. Thank you all and keep 'em coming!

    Kind of surprised Mayhem hasn't been mentioned yet. I kind of like their early stuff.
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    I like (sick/odd) humor with my punk, so I'll throw in

    The Dead Milkmen - "Punk Rock Girl", "Stuart" and the classic, "If you love someone, set them on fire"
    The Meatmen - "Tooling for Anus", "Crippled Children Suck"
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    NII gets extra points for Melt Banana. SO SPASTIC. Also I'm in love with that Red Fang video.

    I have a few suggestions as well:

    Made Out of Babies - Trophy (noisier and more raw, but really, ANY of their albums will do. Really deranged female vocalist, killer basslines).
    Pissed Jeans - King of Jeans
    aaaaaaaaaand we'll go with some Torche - Meanderthal. Pretty fun stuff with big boomy deep guitar noises.
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    THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN (Post-hardcore / mathcore / screamo. You can completely ignore the last two albums, but the EP featuring Mike Patton on vocals is mandatory. Recommended song - When Good Dogs Do Bad Things)

    Without getting into a fanboy-ish discussion, I just want to politely disagree. I think their latest album is their strongest by far. Just on its own Farewell Mona Lisa is a 6 minute epic that writhes and twists through different sounds without ever sounding disjointed.

    Anyway, just throwing that out there because I'd hate for someone to dismiss their new albums without at least giving them a listen.
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    Without getting into a fanboy-ish discussion, I just want to politely disagree. I think their latest album is their strongest by far. Just on its own Farewell Mona Lisa is a 6 minute epic that writhes and twists through different sounds without ever sounding disjointed.

    That's fair enough, each to their own and all that. Personally, they just never quite clicked for me in the same way as the earlier stuff, but I shouldn't have dismissed them so easily.

    One thing I forgot to include earlier is the collaborations between Merzbow and a couple of Japanese rock bands. Starting with the heaviest (or at least, loudest) Merzbow and Gore Beyond Necropsy's "Rectal Anarchy" is extreme goregrind mixed with insane harsh noise. Think the polar opposite of ambient and you're about halfway there. Ideal for revenge on neighbours who insist on playing crappy dance music at unsociable hours. Merzbow has also collaborated on a number of occasions with Boris (who I've seen mentioned earlier in the thread). It's been a while since I listened to any of them, but I seem to remember "Sun Baked Snow Cave" being utterly mesmerising while under the influence of, shall we say, beneficial herbs.
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    Fugazi can be loud and angry, and is also a band for which I have the utmost unwavering respect, with regards to their business ethics. The newer stuff isn't as fast, but I still consider them a punk band. Hmm...can't figure out how to embed video though, if it doesn't show in the preview I assume I screwed it up.

    I also second Sonic Youth and Lightning Bolt as far as that stuff goes.

    Anyway, metal? Like you said, Mayhem is always nice. If you like that then maybe you'll like early Bathory, Darkthrone, Burzum, Sodom, and maybe even Mercyful Fate, which is getting pretty 80's there sound-wise so I'm not sure if that's the type of metal you're looking for. I could go on about Black Metal for quite a while...
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    Welp, I guess I'm Old n' Shit (not to mention five months younger than Ellis, heh), but if one kinda likes actually hearing lyrics sung and stuff:

    John Spencer Blues Explosion (don't worry, no blues sung here)
    Black Sabbath (but you already have that, yeah?)
    Reverend Horton Heat

    I dunno, just how lame IS your music library? Ramones? Dickies? DOA? How about GG Allen (who's guitarist once drove me in his bus to a mutual friend's wedding)....?
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    i'm tired to make descriptions but here are some bands that i think were not named

    The Distillers
    Mika Miko
    The monks
    No age
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    Ooh--Dropkick Murphys own too.
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    Their newest album - VALLEY OF SMOKE - is good
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    Gawdamn! This thread is bee-yoo-tee-ful. It brings a tear to my eye ... er ... it would if I weren't so fucking metal, that is!

    Has anyone mentioned my local (Eugene, OR) favorites in the Doom metal category, Yob?