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    • CommentAuthorTim Murr
    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2011
    How about the Upper Crust? Check out Let Them Eat Rock on youtube. I'd post the video, but something is amiss. Probably my ineptitude.
    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2011
    Well done everyone! There is some real loveliness here. I must say i was more than a little dismayed by the listening habits of young people today, with their 'Justin Biebers' and 'Take Thats'. You have given me hope.

    Still, on the whole i find the youth of today sadly deficient in so many ways. Surly, bad mannered, rude, honestly they have no idea. Now back when i was a lad...

    And who needs a Canon anyway?
    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2011
    @taphead, ahhhh! I'm so glad you like them! They're super awesome dudes who worked really hard on that album. SUPER awesome dudes.
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    Man, I should've been checking here more often. Punk rock makes up the vast bulk of what I listen to. Here are a bunch of overlooked and underrated bands that I love. Most of them play music that is tightly structured but always gives the impression with its speed and intensity that the whole thing's about to fall apart at the seams.

    Paintbox - Soaring unhinged burning spirits Japanese hardcore punk with melodic sensibilities. Driving rhythms, manic solos, angry shouting, somewhere between Motorhead and G.I.S.M. Or if D.R.I. did anime theme tunes.

    Hickey - Sloppy angry punk rock full of weird shit. To demonstrate why Hickey are the best band ever I will relate the tale of the Voodoo Glow Skull split: Hickey played a show with the Voodoo Glow Skulls and VGS had them kicked out without pay after they made fun of Epitaph records. In return, Hickey stole one of their trumpets, and the VGS started phoning them and leaving death threats on Hickey’s answering machine which Hickey then set to the backing of atonal squawks from stolen trumpet and put that as the Voodoo Glow Skulls side of the split with a great Hickey song on the other side and they slapped an Epitaph logo on the whole thing and released it with a zine explaining the whole situation. Hickey eventually did return the trumpet, but only after filling it with pudding. All their stuff is available at

    Bent Outta Shape - Scratchy guitar licks and fuzzy infectious riffs, the biting immediacy and frustrated youth of The Clash s/t filtered through the irresistible rise and fall rhythm Husker Du’s hypnotic jazz-punk epic Reoccurring Dreams. It’s all feedback eroding sweetness and sweetness fighting against feedback, slurred vocals and punchy licks, urgent bursts of nervous energy and deep veins of ragged beauty.

    Guitar Wolf - Japanese garage punk power trio. Equal parts Ramones, Motorhead, Link Wray and Joan Jett. Loud as it gets.

    Off With Their Heads - Uplifting Oi!/pop-punk anthems about hating yourself and everything else, taking too many drugs and wanting to die.

    Fancy Pants and the Cellphones - Four guys from Vermont singing low-fi songs about smoking, drinking and watching too much TV.

    The Vindictives - As snotty as it gets. Brilliantly constructed pop-punk songs about alienation and modern society. This band has my favourite backing vocals of any band.

    Fleshies - Off kilter punk rock band unafraid to throw in metal, rock and plain weird influences.

    Bomb the Music Industry! - Ska/punk/electro collective. Miniature epics and fun stupid ditties about the struggles of modern life.

    The Arrivals - Released the best punk album of last year. Mature without being boring. Solid heartfelt punk songs.

    Dead Mechanical - Power and melody. Baltimore pop-punk somewhere between Jawbreaker and Dillinger Four.

    The Gateway District - Female-fronted pop-punk with the odd country influence.

    Apocalypse Hoboken - Snotty Chicago punk rock from the 90s.

    Mischief Brew - Beautiful rousing folk-punk drawing on The Pogues, klezmer and The Germs.

    The Measure [SA] - Sort of folky/indie pop-punk. Catchy and fuzzy with sweet female vocals.

    Pretty Boy Thorson and the Falling Angels - Rollicking country punk. All the songs are about drinking and heartbreak.

    That's probably more than enough for now. I try and post at least one punk song a day here and I don't like repeating a band within a few months. I can also send people download links for albums by any of the bands above if people want it.
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    Okay, here we go. Metal first....


    Landmine Marathon. we have an ex-member here on WC. I know who. Do you? ;)

    The Agonist. Imagine if Miley Cyrus did metal. Truly bizarre, but good.

    All the best punk is old, but just in case they were missed...

    Raooul. All 14 year old girls screaming their lungs out...

    And Wendy O Williams. You know who she is, hopefully. Best not go uninformed though...
    • CommentTimeFeb 25th 2011 edited
    All the best punk is old

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek here is a record from the past three weeks to combat that statement. i generally prefer to hear new punk/hardcore, but thats a whole other discussion i guess.

    and LANDMINE has a new record starting work shortly i believe

    another of their ex members does CAGEMATCH which is like TRAGEDY/portland style dbeat hardcore. they are some solid duders as well. there is also COME ON DIE YOUNG featuring 2 ex landminers, but since they share the name of a mogwai album, i couldnt find a site in a quick search. there was also ROYAL MONSTERS, but i think they just broke up.
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    a friend of mine linked me this today, they're pretty good :)
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    So many excellent bands mentioned thus far. Two more [very different] recommendations, all linked to YouTube:

    The Angry Samoans - classic punk that's as angry as the name suggests, but less Samoan
    Steak Knife
    Gas Chamber
    They Saved Hitler's Cock

    Wolves in the Throne Room - "purifying" and/or "transformative" black metal - excellent stuff regardless of the label
    I Will Lay Down My Bones Among the Rocks and Roots
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    Are we still doing this one? Cause this thread got me looking through all my old punk lately.

    Leftover Crack: Ex-Choking Victim, incredibly angry and somewhat ill-fated from the start. Their first album was originally titled "Shoot the kids at their schools" until Columbine happened, then it was released on Sept 11, 2001.

    Sick of It All. Why the hell not?

    Also, many people have mentioned BORIS and SUNN 0))) but I don't think anyone has yet mentioned their fantastic collaboration album, Altar:

    Which they apparently performed live at a Masonic Temple in the dark wearing hooded robes:
    • CommentAuthorlucien
    • CommentTimeMar 15th 2011 edited
    well, i'll throw this one in because the video fits here...there's too much metal and too little info on what you like for metal to make recommendations that'll work...

    and this just because....

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    right now i'm digging on ceremony's violence violence album something fierce, i love their blend of hardcore and power-violence. so good.

    also going back a ways and re-getting into burnt by the sun - soundtrack to the personal revolution

    coalesce's most recent album ox is a stroke of absolute goddamn genius, coming back in the best possible way, reminding us how this shit is done.

    and city of caterpillar if you want some spacey, almost prog-like post hardcore. wonderful melodies and complex song structures with jagged and severe edges. they were like the best band no one ever heard of.

    eyehategod - dopesick, playing enemy - cesarean, and today is the day - in the eyes of god, probably the three most pissed off albums i've ever heard.
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    Dunno if anyone's recommended The Haunted yet:

    The Haunted

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    @nick YESSSSS CEREMONY is so goddamn good. i think STILL NOTHING MOVES YOU is my favorite lp of theirs.

    also good call on CITY OF CATERPILLAR. usually everyone ignores them in favor of their 'real' band PAGE 99 (who are an emoviolence juggernaut on their own). i saw them play to about 15 people and have never seen three dudes knock over so many mics
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    Brew Records (Leeds/Manchester-based) have some fucking brilliant bands signed. They actually make me uncharacteristically proud of what England has to offer.

    Kong's Snake Magnet is one of the most brutal and consistently interesting albums I've ever heard. Kinda like Shellac, but more technical.

    They also have Chickenhawk (now Hawk Eyes) signed.

    Modern Bodies is a ridiculously good album.

    • CommentTimeMar 18th 2011 edited
    You guys...I really have to thank you all. I never anticipated this huge response to my original post. SO many amazing bands from all subgenres of the two genres. This thread has gotten so diverse that I actually refer people to it, saying that they will most definitely find something they would enjoy here.

    Keep it coming!
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    @joe i'm kind of obsessed with city of caterpillar, and have listened to their album constantly since i was in high school and first heard it. i was always really bummed out, growing up on the island, that i'd never get to see any of those bands here. that whole era from 99-02 where it was just like, orchid, saetia, pg. 99, the locust, employer employee, etc etc etc. was pretty much my favorite movement in music and i never really understood why that stuff never caught on, it was such a small blip even though i'm sure there are tons of bands now that earmark that stuff as a heavy influence.

    it wasn't all bad living here music wise, the locust played here in 01, and it was pretty amazing.
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    Damn you both. Now I'm obsessed with City of Caterpillar.

    They kind of remind me of

    Which I don't think has appeared yet on the list. Which is madness.

    And while I'm here, Cave In was a hardcore turned post-hardcore band that has some pretty good stuff.
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    if you like hardcore kids playing long and epic stuff like that, i also suggest CIRCLE TAKES THE SQUARE, especially their prog influenced metal core masterpiece AS THE ROOTS UNDO
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    @joe - see first page. I think that means this thread is officially out of hand!
    • CommentAuthorOda
    • CommentTimeMar 21st 2011
    Naturally I'll first recommend some Norwegian stuff. Taake, Enslaved, Mayhem and old Ulver makes metal Oda happy. All Ulver makes Oda happy, but the later stuff isn't as metal. (It's even better though.) The Cumshots rock. Oh and Kvelertak!!! <3<3<3

    Sweden have too many good bands to mention all. Opeth, Entombed, Nifelheim and Watain maybe? I had to wash out the backstage after Watain once. Never seen more pig's blood in my life.

    Iceland: Sólstafir!!! Not too hard really, but I just adore them!