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    Let's kick it old school... and by that I mean stuff I was listening to ten years ago.

    Drive like Jehu


    Patti Smith


    Off Minor (ex-Saetia)

    Hot Cross (other side of ex-Saetia)

    All Out War

    edited to fix youtube's newfangled shortshares. bleh.
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    HOT CROSS was my Absolute Favorite Band In The World for about 5 years, so great. the only band i have ever gotten to see on my birthday! OFF MINOR is a great band as well, but i didnt find them that exciting live.

    going to see NAZI DUST tonight, so excited

    havent been to a DIY/storage unit show in months. fucking hell!
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    @chrisanthropic Glad to hear it!

    Start with For Detroit, From Addiction. One of the gems of post-hardcore. Errrr, gems isn't quite the right word so much as...most dense, grimy form.
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    This metal isn't new, but it's pretty underground -

    I've been listening to a lot of Coroner lately. A band formed by former Celtic Frost roadies back in the late 80's, and what emerged was actually pretty fantastic. Highly technical, even proggy thrash, that succeeds better than any other band I know of at seamlessly blending highly articulate melodic phrasing and intricate song structures with a fast, aggressive thrash sound. Check them out.
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2011
    Ever wonder where James Hetfield got that growl thing he used to do before he blew his voice out? Venom knows.
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    Ipecac just signed these guys. I must say I do look forward to their next recording. Brutal stuff...

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    Lay down your soul to the gods Rock and Roll!!

    I love me some Venom. Sounds like Mantas is using a chipped straight razor as a guitar pick and they're recording in a corrugated metal shed with a single tiny microphone. Rough and fantastic. Fantastic evil proto-black metal/proto-thrash.
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    Iceage. Iceage, ICEAGE!!!

    Oh and they are from Denmark....

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    check out SEXDROME...its similar, from what ive been told