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    • CommentTimeFeb 17th 2011 edited
    Hey kids!

    I'll be in London for two weeks (27.2.-11.3.) and a meetup might be fun, yeah?

    I'll be playing some music (at least a DJ gig, and a possible live performance earlier in the evening, still hashing out the details) on Sat. the 5th, to which you will of course be welcome, but at least I might be a bit busy that day with the logistics and whatnot. I'll be based all the way out in Walthamstow, but most likely I'll be spending my days just walking around the city. Oh, and the show will be at the Limehouse Town Hall.

    SO. Roll call! Who'd be up for a meet, and on what days? Fri and Sun would both be fine for me, as would Saturday despite the haul-equipment-play music-spin disks thing.

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    I will be around at some point.

    Sunday would probably be best for me.
    • CommentAuthorScrymgeour
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2011
    Oooh, sunday would be good
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2011
    Any day.
    • CommentAuthorKradlum
    • CommentTimeFeb 19th 2011
    I'm going to be out of town that weekend. Got to register the baby's birth in Hornchurch and then heading on to Suffolk for my wife's great aunts 80th birthday party. Joy.
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    I could make it - Bristol's not really too far & I'd be curious to hear you spin. Any day is good - pleasures of being a dilettante.
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    Cat, is that bookshop you told me about near the British Library open on Sunday?
    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2011
    Would that be Gosh! Comics?

    If so, then yes, it is.
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2011
    Wait until July..... MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
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    Ginja - or do you mean Atlantis Books (occult specialists)? I think they're open too...
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2011
    Atlantis is open on Sundays. Awesome bookshop. Have made some great finds there.
    • CommentTimeFeb 25th 2011
    Seeing as the club thing is still up in the air, I'd like to propose two different meets:

    SATURDAY: Drinkies/music at either the possibly happening show or some nice pub with prices that won't bankrupt anyone.
    SUNDAY: Wobbly shaky hangovery tea and crumpets and whatnot.

    I'm obviously game for both.
    • CommentTimeFeb 25th 2011 edited
    Okay, the gig just went tits up (BOO! HISS!), so Saturday would be very doable for drinkies for me. A place in Whitechapel maybe?
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2011
    Working both days...can meet after 6-7pm somewhere.
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    I would like to join in the general meet up actions that my be happening. Evening drinks and rambling things like walking around and tea would be most grand. As a poor recovering student I would lean towards going somewhere that is non bank breaking. Besides that taphead... You have my blade!
    • CommentAuthorScrymgeour
    • CommentTimeFeb 27th 2011
    I would say the angel near tottenham court road. Its cheap and good beer. I am sadly working
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    I should be still in, for either/both days. Keep us posted, Taphead!
    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2011
    Cool beans, looks like we have a plan.

    I propose we have a meet at some conveniently located spot on both days and then venture off in search of a place for refreshments. (I have zero area knowledge in London.)

    SATURDAY: 7 PM, somewhere near Whitechapel (unless it's an area where we will lose our kidneys after dark?)
    SUNDAY: 4 PM, somewhere? and then tea etc.

    (Also it seems I may be playing a gig opening for 52 Commercial Road on Friday, but the venue is still up in the air, and the gods of Logistics are involved. I'll make a big noise as soon as something is actually settled.)
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    Sorry all, I was holding back on saying something about this as there was that niggling feeling I had something on and I do: WORK.

    Admittedly it's working in Brighton for the weekend but work none-the-less.

    Have a good one and post some pictures - you know you want to...especially after the 9th pint.
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    Hey taphead
    I'll be about on Sunday, unfortunately I'm in Cambridge on Saturday.
    I'll keep my eye out for progress in the thread but I'm pretty much good for anywhere in London.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.