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    I quite enjoyed Mike Carey's run, Garth Ennis' run, and Warren's run; the rest of it kind of left me cold--heresy, I know, but the Delano stuff never quite gelled with me for some reason. If you're just starting to get into the character, I'd actually recommend Warren's stuff in collection, as it's shorter, more self-contained, and gives you all you need to know. Haunted, in particular, had some breathtaking moments in it.

    (And can I just gripe for a moment? GOD FORBID THEY NUMBER THE DAMNED TRADE PAPERBACKS. That makes me nuts. I shouldn't have to consult wikipedia to figure out the reading order.)

    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2011 edited
    As another big Hellblazer Fan i would recommend the following books to start...

    "The Fear Machine" - One of Delano's Best stories. Mixes masons, lay lines and 80's politics seamlessly.

    "Fear & Loathing" and "Son of Man" - The first one has been mentioned before. Son of Man, Ennis' last story on his run is a nice grisly little number, if you are into that sort of thing.

    "Rare Cuts" - Get this for the 2 part story done by Grant Morrison which is decidedly scary and macabre.
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    @Eric - the books were never released in order and there are gaps between chunks that are released, so it would get confusing if they were numbered, and then something from in between previously numbered books was released. It probably makes more sense not to.
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    i quite liked the art in dark entries but my preference is for scratchy pen artwork so...

    i read constantine from the start so for me the delano run is the definitve. it's a bit dated but it'll give you a real feel for the character.
    ennis is very good and carey is very readable.
    i'm not a huge fan of the azzerello stuff (hard times is ok but the rest is missing something for me). really disliking the milligan stuff - it seems to me like he really doesn't get Constantine (the love potion storyline being particularly way out of character).

    hopefully DC will pull it's finger out and reprint the last of the delano run and i'd be interested to see the paul jenkins stories as i'd stopped buying the individual stories by then so they'd be new to me.
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    If you look closely at the copyright information, it tells you which issues are featured in the trade.
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    Just to let you know that they have just re-issued a new edition of the First Hellblazer TPB "Original Sins" . This edition also includes Constantines first ever appearance in Swamp Thing #76-77. Recommended to get the proper origins of the character
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    I always introduce people to Constantine with Warren's "Locked", Hellblazer 140. It's short, rotten and describes John & his world perfectly in something like a 12 minute read. I've bought three copies and still don't have one because nobody ever gives it back.