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    Okay, I know that Warren's forums can get a bit funny about creators touting for business so apologies if I'm overstepping a mark here - I did check the FAQ and since there was no imminent threat of Arse Eels I thouhgt I'd give it a whirl.

    Basically, I'm an artist myself, but not a comic book artist but I've been approached by someone with a seriously good script. Despite being a total fanboy I've never looked to create my own, I know my limitations and have happily sat back to appreciate the work of others. However through a twist of fate and weirdness I now find myself appointed EIC of a potentially great project, an online distribution channel set up and ready to go and some powerful friends supporting it.

    What I need is an artist who wants to get involved for at least an Issue 0 (both physical and online print) and 6 subsequent issues. So my question is to you folk is are you an artist looking for a project, or do you know where the hell I should be asking?

    Please and thanks

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    You really need to be taking this to